Lefty Laws, Educated Rustics, and Military Madness

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about new laws from the Left, the military history program at the Hoover Institution, current military culture and its foibles, and the Bradley Prizes Award Ceremony.

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10 thoughts on “Lefty Laws, Educated Rustics, and Military Madness”

  1. My dear Mr Hanson – – I feel your pain because I feel it as well. This erstwhile amazing country is swallowing the suicidal pill and I am too little to do anything about it. I just watch and play Bach. At least you have a podium and an audience. Next time please fly first class and demand that the fatso cretin is rerouted to economy or worse. I am happy that you and I breathe the same oxygen. God bless you.

    1. Not sure that Victor should be forced to pay for first class ticket to get two armrests and room for both feet.
      Surely it would be a simple matter for the airlines to charge for a second seat for those above certain weight. It would be a simple matter to ask those who appear to be above the requisite level, but not admitting it, to verify their claim at the check-in point where a scale is available.
      If airlines justifies charging extra for a bag over 50lbs the predicate for this approach is established.
      Am I thinking too simply?

  2. MaryLou Arkfeld

    As an RN, I use the term “FLUFFY” for the obese. Of course that is stated behind the scenes…

  3. The government and the “news” media is the enemy of the people. We are being ruled by evil idiots.

  4. Prof. Hanson, I believe you have part of the reason for the elevation of obese people as the newest victim, they are always in search of the next victim group. The other part I believe is the depopulaion movement. They don’t care if people die. The more that die the better. That’s the core of the drug issue on the west coast as well as the legalization of suicide, radical abortion and Transgender Movement that sterilizes kids. It’s all in service of depopulaion movement. They don’t care if people die, or don’t have kids or leave California. There was an CA assembly member back in 2014 I believe who was asked about the middle class population leaving CA and his reply was “good, let them go” They will spread CA values across the country. We don’t want them here or something to that effect. I’ve searched for that quote but it seems to have been scrubbed from the internet. but I clearly remember him saying it.

    I also think they want less people because fewer people are easier to control.

    Always love the show. I look forward to them Every week.

    Rose Fisk
    Knightsen, CA

  5. Charles Carroll

    Vis-a-vis what has to happen with the military when actual conflict occurs, remember what Stalin had to do after he had purged the military in 1941 and the Soviet Army suffered defeat after defeat.

    After the invasion of the Soviet and the poor leadership shown by many Generals, he adopted a new policy that promoted men of ability to positions of authority in the armed forces, such as Zhukov. This greatly improved the Red Army’s leadership and allowed it to be more effective against the German armies. Stalin also reorganized the Soviet Army’s High Command. He established the Stavka. This provided the Red Army with the leadership it needed in its life or death struggle with Germany. Stalin supervised Stavka closely, but he also gave his Generals more authority.

    Stalin also sought to raise the fighting morale of the troops. He well knew that many ordinary Soviet citizens were still Russian nationalists at heart and venerated the Orthodox Church. To improve the army’s morale and loyalty, he promoted Russian nationalism, even though, as a Communist, he was ideologically opposed to nationalism. Furthermore, he stopped persecuting the Orthodox Church. These measures made Stalin popular with the army and raised the morale of the troops. This stiffened their resistance to the invasion of the Russian ‘Motherland.

  6. Prof Hanson,
    As a Virgo from 1953 with a transmogrifying 3 years as a young man working on a diary farm in upstate New York , I deeply resonate with your historical insights, ‘farmers’ pragmatism and genuine concern for the state of the Republic we have inherited. Thank you for putting into clear perspective that which troubles so many of us. It will help get us out of this catastrophe and pass the Republic on to our children.
    Since I was born late on September 10th of that year, I typically defer to you seniority, however, perhaps I might suggest an answer to the transformation of obesity as a health problem (science) to obesity as a fat shaming problem (woke) and the apparently insurmountable task of reversing it.
    I believe Peter Boghossian has captured it best. He calls ‘woke’ the universal ideology solvent. James Lindsay provides a similar but more analytically useful definition. He identifies it as ‘critical constructivist epistemology’. ‘Critical’ here is critical theory, not critical thinking. ‘Woke’ dissolves the scientific by ruthlessly criticizing the science of health as merely a socially constructed ‘truth’ driven by the oppressive power of healthy people – ignoring empirical facts. Once disconnected from fact (science) and then reconnected to another socially constructed ‘truth’ (social justice), it is a small step to declare ‘fat shaming’ as the correct ‘truth’.
    It is not possible to reverse this argument with facts – and that is the terror of ‘woke’.

  7. Ray BonGiorni

    I don’t believ Victor fully gets it here: the military is being destroyed by design, just as is: energy independence; the economy; the border; the legal system; the Constitution; the voting system; the education system; the nation’s economic and political stature in the world; civil cohesion; etc. etc. This is being done by people who look like Americans, but hate America and what it stands for. They and those enlisted to do China’s bidding want America destroyed so a country they can fully control can be created. Can this small number of people overwhelm the whole nation?

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