Jimmy Lai, Psychodramas, and Captain Queeg

Listen in to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss Kevin McCarthy’s candidacy for speaker, Jimmy Lai’s trial, and Left psychodramas from Tawana Brawley to the present. Don’t miss VDH’s analogy between Captain Queeg from “The Caine Mutiny” and Trump.

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13 thoughts on “Jimmy Lai, Psychodramas, and Captain Queeg”

  1. I was quite insulted by Jack Fowler calling Andy Biggs a ” loser.” Fowler needs to watch his mouth that is the type of garbage we hear on CNN. If Fowler wants to insult the MAGA base you can kiss about half your listeners goodbye. That is the problem with ” Republicans” like Fowler. They flip flop over and over again. Love Trump. Hate Trump. Love DeSantis. How long til Fowler will start insulting him? It is disunity in the GOP that stops us from ending the Democrat agenda and people like Fowler are the ones causing the animus. We do not want another Paul Ryan. We do not want more go along to get along establishment Republicans. Period.
    John Ralston

    1. John, that reply is truly unhinged. Jack, at least on this podcast, is a gentle, deeply moral, and thoughtful man. The fact that MAGA Trumpists insist on totalitarian loyalty to The Party and Great Leader Trump shows that their vision for the United States is as close to the CCP in its own way as the Progressive vision. Increasingly, Trumpists and Progressives look like two sides of the same anti-US coin.

    2. Did Jack really called Biggs a loser? I had to google Biggs as I did not know who he was. I did not know who McCarthy was either until he pal around with Trump. GOP is weak, McCarthy is weak. Politicians should have to compete hard for their dream job. It’s good for the people. Victor dismissed it as nihilism (one of his favorite word) without explain how the Speaker is elected. I had to go to the Mercury News to find out. 😉 It was reported McCarthy insists he won’t drop out, and said he was willing to go through as many rounds of voting on the floor as it takes. Do we really want someone that shamelessly power hungry to be the Speaker? How about Steve Scalise? Why can’t he be the Speaker?

      1. Phil! You went and just taught yourself all that out of pure curiosity and civic spirit? As a former teacher, I’m so overjoyed I could hug you. Well done sir!

  2. One problem that I have with prominent conservative folks that I wholly admire, like Dr. Hanson, is when they ask what appear to be monumentally disingenuous questions such as, “Why don’t the Democrats (or leftists or whatever) just oppose X within the bounds of traditional American politics and custom rather than what they have done”? Because they would LOSE! And they are not willing to lose! That is why, throughout history, evil, unscrupulous people and movements win power. Then their victims live in horror and misery for years until the evil regime collapses under its own incompetence or falls to an outside power.
    Vis-a-vis Captain Queeg, Victor briefly touched on the fact that young Mr. Queeg “fought” the peacetime war between WW I and WW II when the four-stack, flush-deck destroyers operated on no money with inadequate crews; keeping the guns clean and slowly advancing tactics and doctrine until wartime unleashed the full measure of our bright reserve and drafted citizens to employ fully funded platforms and equipment decisively.

    1. You know it Chuck! “We lose again, the farmers are the winners”, ‘Seven Samurai’ – Akira Kurosawa. Now is the time for we the middle-class “farmers” to hire samurai like Trump to defeat these Woke Brigands before it’s too late. Organize and mobilize, then lure the cultural anarchists in and vanquish them one by one until they are all gone. This is only the beginning of the ‘Seven Samurai’ movie where the only thing to offer willing warriors are 3 meals a day. But honor over self-enrichment is the samurai code.

  3. Trump’s “Ignore the Constitution” comment will go down with Hillary’s “Basket of deplorables” comment as a one-liner that ended a presidential bid.

    It is Supreme Court Case #22-380 Brunson VS. Adams Defendants Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris et al. It is an orphan in a huge orphanage. The case has been meticulously ignored by left and right. I’m fearful the screeners on this broadcast will deep six it.
    Simply, it’s a suit filed in Utah Federal Court by Brunson a voter seeking to challenge the 2020 election, based on a failure to investigate assertions that the election was rigged by foreign entities. Senator Cruz was the primary source requesting the investigation, prior to certifying the Election. The bulk of Congress ignored this request and certified the election.
    Petitioner alleged that not investigating was a Constitional breach of such proportions as to being tantamount to TREASON.
    Petitioner prayed that the 388 members of Congress who voted to certify the election be stripped of their office and never be allowed to hold future elective office at any level of government. Also incled in th relief was removing Biden, Harris and Pence from their positions.
    The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals sat on the case for just under 6 months. Petitioner, to undo this logjam went directly to SCOTUS under rule 11 seeking review as a national emergency.
    SCOTUS directly contacted Petitioner and requested certain filings immediately.
    The case is set for inclusion in the courts conference for Januar

  5. January 6. 2023.
    The case is historically monumental and how it made it to SCOTUS is a virtual mystery.
    It will take 5 conservative Justices to breathe life into this ugly duckling. Granting relief to Petitioner will be a modern miracle

  6. Your analysis of Rep. McCarthy’s chances of becoming the Speaker of the House and the end game of his opposition is probably correct. However, a huge slice of the Republican base feel like Charley Brown playing football with Lucy. Republicans always make promises that sound great when they are campaigning for office. Then when they gain the power to fulfill their promises, they just have excuses about why they can’t live up to what they promised. So I would describe the opposition to his Speakership as more of a primal scream that a logical strategy. Obviously we cannot support the Democrats. Republicans keep taking the football away. Where else can we go? Many of us feel angry and betrayed by the leadership of the Republican Party.

  7. Now they are going after Trump’s son-in-law. Don’t think they will stop until Trump and his family are all in jail, and all their wealth confiscated. If you are Trump what are you going to do to save your family at your advance age? Hmmm. While the good people sit with popcorn and watch and comment and carry on their lives.

  8. Theres a lot more than 4 or 5. Andy Biggs is the Candidate. If McCarthy doesn’t make a change he will NOT get anything done. Same ole same ole is not cutting it. He’s been the speaker with a majority and WHAT were his accomplishments?

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