Left Ideology and Post-Civilizational World

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler explain the reasons elites approve of Biden’s record, Davos elites’ selective criminalization, university reputations in the balance, Rice University offering “Afro-chemistry”, and “insurrection,” Oct. 7, and Left ideology.

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9 thoughts on “Left Ideology and Post-Civilizational World”

  1. You say:
    People keep wanting to come here therefore it doesn’t make sense that we have a terrible culture.

    I say people want to come here because we are easy to plunder and pillage and kill. Our government holds us back from self defense and in some cases encourages our demise.

  2. thebaron@enter.net

    Watching our country unravel, I remember Michael Medved’s reply to a caller to his old radio show, about 10 years ago. The caller said things were worse under Obama than when he was a kid. Medved’s reply was that every generation thinks the world is worse than when they were kids. I thought, well, yeah, if you lived as an adult in Rome in 410 AD, you certainly thought it was worse than when you were a kid. Sometimes they are.

  3. Wow – I was surprised to learn that I fit the description of an elite but could not disagree more with their beliefs. I am more in line with your views and agree whole heartedly with a statement you made recently (paraphrasing)….the left destroys everything they touch

  4. Dr VDH, I am a great admirer. Thank you for all you do. Please keep it up. Under God’s eyes and plan, we are all tested, no matter what category we end up in. The so called global elite, despite their riches and all seemingly good things they have, are failing under God’s eyes. It is not for being rich (capitalism has done more for poverty and any other system). It is for lying and not leading to help others. They live a lie, and then cast on the rest of us to suffer more. I know many people that are smart and brilliant, are not against free enterprise and capitalism, but love what they do, and money is not the most important thing to them.

  5. I have a number of friends who cannot vote for Trump because of his many character flaws. I don’t disagree with the character flaws, but I always ask them what they are going to do at the ballot box when the choice is between continued dismantling of our country under the progressive movement, or vote for someone whose personality is lacking (and granted, does have deep character flaws) and then trust the institutions return to proper functioning, including keeping DJT from doing anything like jeopardizing democracy. Dr. Hanson always is on point on so many things, and has been for years. This particular piece is a perfect one for those who continually exclaim “how can so many people support Trump?! “. This one (“Left Ideology…”) catalogs the specifics as to why so many are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. I can hold my nose and vote for Trump (given the alternative), but I can no longer hold my breath with the current trajectory of our country.

  6. “I can hold my nose and vote for Trump….” That’s me, brutha. And the wife. And hopefully enough so-called independents. DeSantis was it. Now? We’ll need every vote. Again. Ugh.

  7. This podcast struck a note of association for me. What is it about farming, small town community and comity that guided our ancestors to lead meaningful lives? This level of humanity, exemplified by your grandfather’s response to the travails of extended family members during the Great Depression set America on the path toward greatness.

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