Lee Smith and Victor Davis Hanson: At the Devin Nunes Freedom Festival

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3 thoughts on “Lee Smith and Victor Davis Hanson: At the Devin Nunes Freedom Festival”

  1. James Demetriou

    Mr. Hanson, I have been reading your writings for years. Now it seems like you are on podcasts, interviews, etc. and writing less. I miss the written word.

  2. James N. Woody

    About time someone stood up and said: “No More” of this woke/ insanity. As the biotech community reels at the thought that any major breakthrough in USA biotechnology, like an Alzheimers preventative or cure, the formula (Intellectual Property) can just be given away by the gov, as investors have just invested $50-100M, to discover this, California especially will be decimated, as no investors will take that financial risk. Welcome to the destruction of American innovation. Saves the Chinese from stealing!! Where is Anna Eshoo, and Nancy Pelosi, Diane Weinstein for the 500-800 super biotech companies within 100 mi of the bay, who contribute $$$$ to them.
    As an inventor of two $B drugs that help patients, I cannot see why they want to destroy the American Biotech industry. Victor help us out here.
    J,. Woody

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