Leaks, Protests and Party Politics

Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc on the week’s stories: leaks on Hunter Biden’s Burisma ties and on the disastrous pull-out from Afghanistan, the Canadian truckers protest, and inside the Republic party.

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9 thoughts on “Leaks, Protests and Party Politics”

  1. It would be intriguing to watch the scenarios set out by Prof. Hanson really occur after the 2022 election. It would be soo good.

  2. The US military is the bulwark of Western civilisation. Their abuse by the political class is the scandal of our age. (The French analogies are entirely apposite).

    VDH is doing a great job in exposing “The Left”. His exposition is like adding 10 divisions to CENTCOM ! Keep up the great work – I

    We will try and assist !

  3. Poor Sami.
    Sorry Dr. H but you went into a rant even before she finished the intro. At least let sweet Sami finish the intro. Besides her voice is so pleasing listeners should her more before you go off!

  4. I think another reason we don’t want to alienate our rank and file troops is that not everyone who wants to serve can serve. I was in college during 9/11 and of 6 guys who enlisted, 3 were honorably discharged for health reasons and two weren’t deployed for training reasons until years later. The one who saw action started off as a medic and was an absolute hero. My Chaplin friend finally was deployed to the hot zone and has always been exemplary. I remember my Grandpa (front line in Korea, Bronze Star)met Chappy at my graduation and he was blown away that a college educated man would volunteer to go into the hot zone without being allowed to carry a gun. So, anyway, that’s half that wanted to serve and simply couldn’t (plus 4F me).

  5. Braviissimo, Professore Hanson, regarding this latest podcast where you supplemented a tinge of levity as well as reinforced schadenfreude. The last question Sami posed regarding Afghanistan and your whimsical exuberant answer epitomized the podcast and made it crystal- clear you have morphed in the many years I have been following you. I see a glimmer of hope that you some day might may consider answering my question regarding the aftermath of World War Two. Dr. Hanson, I acknowledged you have a tendency to metaphorically refer to older movies during your many interviews. Perhaps you might want to view a 1967 movie entitled “A Guide for a Married Man.” I would specifically refer to the “Deny, Deny, Deny” vignette in this movie with Joey Bishop and Imogene Coca. The movie unequivocally buttresses your truthful answer to Sami Winc.

  6. I don’t know if these are read…but I’ve written several times about this urgent matter..then here I was told we’d discuss republican party internal issues..
    However the MASSIVE problem was not mentioned and this is very important.
    Republican party is split down the middle between the establishment (Romney..Rove..Cheany..etc) and Trump and maga crowd(mtg…gates..bannon..Meadows..etc..) The party will never win again without some kind of agreement..
    I have written victor and asked him repeatedly to discuss…I mean..not just DISCUSS..but make a proposal of some sort…before it’s too late…The run off in Georgia showed all of us the danger of party split…(lost senate)


  7. @42:09 You are absolutely correct, Professor Hanson. Their behavior comes from their worldview, and a core belief of that worldview is that truth is not a value. That doesn’t mean that every Leftist/progressive lies all the time. Neither does it mean that no conservative ever lies. It means that when it comes to a choice between advancing their agenda or telling the truth, they jettison the truth. Every worldview that traces its DNA back to the Jacobins carries that gene.

  8. Dr. Hanson is one of my favorites at the Hoover Institution, along with John Cochrane, Peter Berkowitz, Lee Ohanian, and Ayan Hirsi Ali. I do agree with one of the commenters here, though, that Doc H should give Sami a chance to speak, too. 😄 He is fast and furious – and brilliant and capable of righteous wrath – but he needs to let the lady speak up at times. 🙏🏻

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