Leading and Misleading Men

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler for recent news stories: Eli Steele refuses to check the “black” box, Denzel Washington as Hannibal, Cuomo and Fetterman support Israel, why oil nations support climate-change, anti-fossil-fuel policy, and how our universities became so left-leaning and their possible undoing.

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20 thoughts on “Leading and Misleading Men”

  1. Dear Mr. Hanson,
    I enjoy your views as shown on television. It is sad that we don’t have more people like you opening the eyes of the WOKE CROWD.

  2. Dr. Hanson:
    1. Stellantis (Chrysler/Dodge) makes the least reliable American vehicles.
    2. Your Ram truck may fall under the Lemon Law. Steve Lehto is an attorney who specializes in Lemon Law cases. He has a YouTube channel called “Lehto’s Law” you should check out.
    3. Turbos are always “on”. They don’t cycle on and off in an engine.
    4. Toyota makes the most reliable trucks.

  3. As always, your comments are appreciated. Thank you for the very important education I can’t get anyplace else. Wishing you and your family a peaceful, healthy and blessed Christmas.

  4. Victor, In listening to the scenario you’ve endured, with your Chrysler Truck Turbo, hopefully the Dealership Service Manger has explained potential resolution under the Song-Beverly Warranty Act. You did not mention the Dealer offered any other option of resolution. Best to leave the vehicle at Dealership when it’s not functioning properly. The Time vehicle is not available to you, in combination with multiple repair visits for same problem, may give you right to have CDJR OEM purchase vehicle back. Just a thought, you may already be aware of this potential option. Sounds to me you’re close to meeting the criteria needed. I’ve been involved with California Automotive Compliance for 50 years, providing regulatory compliance on Auto Dealer Service and Sales Documentation. Merry Christmas.

  5. Victor,

    I am amazed at your knowledge of history. You have a photographic memory and an ability to speak it. BUT, your experience of the the Toyota Tundra truck is exactly mine. My 2007 Tundra V-8 has and still runs without one problem. It’s now my son’s. Used it on my ranch and vineyard (next to the Pinnacles National Monument) and worked without a hitch. I sold the ranch and spend half my time in Pebble Beach and Los Altos. Needless to say, my son lets me use it anytime. Keep up your wonderful work.

    You are welcome to spend some time at my house in Pebble anytime you want.


    Duncan Naylor

  6. Victor, Jack, and Sami,

    Thank you for all of the fantastic content you’ve provided this year that you simply cannot get anywhere else. My wife is a college professor and fairly liberal. Since the DEI nonsense started at her job I have managed to get her to listen to some of the relevant podcasts. She has found Victor’s insights and erudite commentary to be helpful and calming.

    Have a merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

    Film Recommendations:

    (1) The Holdovers – Paul Giamatti plays a classics teacher at a New England boarding school. It’s set during the late 1960’s.

    (2) The Tragedy of MacBeth – Denzel Washington plays the lead and it’s filmed in black & white. “The false face must hide, what the false heart doth know.”

  7. On your truck. California Lemon Laws on new vehicles stop at 18 months but on used cars they are effective for the full warranty. I wonder; if you sold it to your daughter at a low price might she be able to make them take it back?

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Just a quick note on the column at Cannae which Prof Hanson mentioned in this podcast. If memory serves, it has a beautiful inscription in Latin (I believe a quotation from the historian Livy) which runs as follows: NULLA ALIA GENS NON OBRUTA ESSET TANTA CLADIS MOLE: “No other people would not have been overwhelmed by so great a disaster.” I think it has some relevance to the US and the west in general, that we’ve suffered some setbacks but have the residual strength and resources to recover and thrive once more. So, on that note, to Professor Hanson and all his listeners, a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2024. From a Canadian vantage point, I hope that our American friends find their way back to all the values and virtues that make their country great.

  9. Rose Marie Fiske

    Victor and Jack,
    Terrific show as always. Your discussion of the Elite School Alums reminded me of a doctor’s appointment I had a few years ago with a prominent gastroenterologist in Walnut Creek.
    At my first and only appointment with him. He made sure to mention that he teaches at Stanford. I didn’t respond. So, he was sure to mention at least two more times that he teaches at Stanford. Having been a devout listener to the Victor Davis Hanson Show, I realized how little value that statement had. It was amusing that he kept mentioning it because his recitation did not impress me. He proceeded to direct me to stop taking the medication my GP had prescribed, saying I didn’t need it. He’s never seen me before and had no discussion with my GP regarding my years-long care with him. He ran no tests and had minimal discussion with me regarding my illness. Arrogance does not inspire confidence in a patient. I never returned and went back to my GP for my care. I now carefully read a physician profile and stay away from any doctor with the stamp of elite school on the CV. Now, I must also carefully avoid Muslim Doctors due to the volume of medical professionals who have posted their hatred of Jews on social media especially if they are under the age of 35. It’s not worth the risk. I experienced it on my little farm in the East Bay. Young men driving by honking their horns and screaming I am a dirty Jew, and they hate me. I now carry my firearm when working my 12 acres.

  10. Love the Tundra/Deer story.
    My wife and I were in tears. We have the 2021 Tundra: Army Green. Like you said, No problems.
    Hope you’re up and running soon!
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Automobile parts are made in a few different countries. Since covid we haven’t got any from China. China had shut us down. Your dealership or auto parts store may not have the parts you need. Because their supplier is out. He is out because his parts come from China. You can go on the net and buy them yourself. You can get any part still. It’s made in a different country but it will be a third of what your dealer would have charged. Just buy the part yourself and take it to the mechanic, is my advice.
    Your write about them toyota’s running forever. We bought a 2004 2.4 toyota camry in 2016. It had 42,000 miles on it. Today it has 338, 672 miles. Other than replacing strutts, brakes, rotors and wheel bearings. The only part under the hood I’ve had to replace was the alternator. They make great engines compared to American made ones.

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