Killing Killers, Righting Wrongs

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson as he addresses the recent events with Sami Winc: Roe v. Wade violence, Uvalde revelations, elections in the US, Israel and France.

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7 thoughts on “Killing Killers, Righting Wrongs”

  1. Listening from Estonia.You are always right.It is scary.But the truth is sometimes scary.And human nature is scary and unfair.And beautiful.And life is scary unfair and beautiful.Thank you.For beeing scary and very beautiful.But never unfair….

  2. In 2010, the Republicans gained 63 seats in the House of Representatives. The American public, frustrated with Obamacare and the way it was being foisted upon them, made their voices heard loud and clear. Even Barak Obama admitted that this national wave election had been a “shellacking.” So what happened? After two years Speaker John Boehner basically gave up trying to reverse Obamacare and reduce government debt (without defunding the military).

    He said rather meekly, “We only control 1/2 of 1/3 of the government.”

    The Democrats and the RINOs hate Trump’s guts and the MAGA movement. President Trump was hounded for two years by a special counsel investigating a hoax, which crippled his presidency. He was also impeached twice on spurious grounds, with the latter being so constitutionally flakey that the Chief Justice of the United States didn’t even bother to show up.

    The late John McCain sent an aide to retrieve the scurrilous Steele dossier before personally handing it to the FBI. Ten Republicans voted to impeach Trump for the January 6th riot, and Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have collaborated with Democrats on the Jan. 6th committee to smear Trump as an insurrectionist unfit for office in the hope that he won’t be able to run again.

    Yet, Trump and his supporters are stuck with the Republican party. And the country is going to Hell.

    1. Do we really believe that a political group that has visited all these plagues on the U.S., will hesitate to visit more plagues to retain their obscene power in November 2022.
      Dr. Hanson your always correct diagnosis is inchoate until the suppressed people rise up by voting at a minimum.


    It occurred to me last week-probably long after everyone else had this thought-that this site’s name, “Ultra”, is a deliberate allusion to Allied intelligence in World War II, collecting information from the Germans, analyzing it, and then distributing it to Allied commands. That’s what this site is-intelligence provided to us, so we can decide what we’re going to do, and so we can ultimately defeat Leftism/Progressivism.
    Given Professor Hanson’s studies and the themes which run through his works, I can well imagine that it’s a deliberate allusion.

  4. Jack Sintullo

    VDH is really beginning to irritate me. He spent how long waxing on about the jab, siding with the left, only now to side with the rest of us? He picks the left wing side about LGBTQ while we are going for total shut out do largely to their actions to indoctrinate everyone. He keeps on and on about Jan 6th as though there are these imaginary moderates out there who would only vote for Trump if it wasn’t for his mean tweets and talking about the election steal.

    VDH, we voted for him in 2016 and 2020 because he said what we ALREADY thought. Who doesn’t feel COVID-19, BLM summer riots, the Election, and the Reichstag fire like events of Jan 6th weren’t ALL a ploy by the left to get that senile old man in office other than delusional lefties?

    The left is radicalizing more and more. The timid tactics of the RINOs during the Obama years is what has lead to the left going this far left. Frankly I don’t care anymore if quasi leftwing moderates want on our side or not because every time they vote with the Democrats they get screwed first. They get what they deserve and frankly I am sick of this wishy washy moderate position from you.

    You wanna be with the working man, cop, and solider? Defend our ideas don’t attack them, especially since you keep picking up our positions AFTER we are proven right. That’s what Tim Pool and Ben Shaprio do. Grow a backbone, the rest of us realize this is all or nothing, why can’t you?

    1. Hmm. “Our ideas”? I know cops, soldiers, and construction workers who don’t agree with you and a few college professors who do. Trump empowered Fauci and never removed him. Trump pushed for the vaccine. Does that make him a wishy-washy moderate? I know plenty of never-Trump moderates. Do you think you can WIN ELECTIONS with only hard-liners and true-believers in the US of A? That precisely what our founders set up our system to prevent. Maybe, like Hanson, you should invest some energy in figuring out how the Progressives keep winning over enough moderates to win all manner of elections.

  5. Professsor Hanson, with all due respect, I cannot dismiss the glaring fact that Trump took his egomanical stance in the 2020 run-off election in Georgia costing the Republican Party two precious senate seats. The damage incurred by Trump to the Republican Party will forever be remembered.

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