Justices, Candidates, and Military Technology

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the Animal-Farm Democrats, Biden led the attack on Justice Clarence Thomas, the military needing to update its technology, especially drones, the relevance of RFK Jr., the elections in England brings in the Labor Party, and lessons from leaders with generous spirits.

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5 thoughts on “Justices, Candidates, and Military Technology”

  1. “Trump, orange man bad.” Then “Biden appears bright orange, and its suddenly ‘orange man good,” paraphrasing VDH. Hilarious.

  2. thebaron@enter.net

    @48:36 and following

    You read my posts! I’ve made this same point frequently in replies to your podcasts, though I give a tip of the hat to Dennis Prager, who gave it an eloquent form:

    The Greatest Generation suffered through the Depression, and World War II. They sacrificed, they defeated Nazism, Fascism, Japanese imperialism, and eventually Soviet Communism. And when they started their families, they said, “We want to give our children everything we didn’t have.” And they did. But in doing so, they failed to give their children the one thing they did have: their values.

    1. Thanks for your posts. It could be that people’s values are expressed most clearly through their actions. Perhaps earning money and acquiring materials that made life pleasurable was one of that generation’s highest values and other values were nor expressed and instilled as well. A material pursuit in life tends to lessen an eternal spiritual orientation towards life.

  3. William Terry

    Prof. Hanson- in the recent past, you have expressed the hope that pushing yourself physically might alleviate your recent Covid infection and long-haul Covid issues. You mentioned on this podcast that jetlag might snap you out of your present Covid symptoms. Your “normal“ superhuman production schedule, eg. five columns a week, podcasts, Fox News, Twitter, etc. would overwhelm most overachievers. A tendency to view any statement of self concern as making you a “poor Victor“ complainer. A familial imperative that pushing yourself and more hard work will fix any problem. All of these issues and many more baseline stresses e.g.. need to maintain grandfather’s homestead for posterity, neighborhood chaos, highway 99, California’s demise, all the little everyday struggles etc. all add up. Disturbing sleep (chronic problem) further and altering the biological rhythms (the internal clock) do not reduce the impact on our physical and mental well-being. I hope I am wrong and sincerely wish that your trip and cruise will be a curative experience. Be careful. Be safe. May God look over you and yours. You are irreplaceable! WT Terry MD.

  4. William Terry

    Prof. Hanson-Since you mentioned Covid, I will give you a report from a fellow long Covid suffer. I mentioned previously that I started the 7 mg nicotine patches. After several days I chewed some 2 mg gum while on the patch to see if I could tolerate a higher dose. I had no side effects so I am now using the 14 mg patches and have noticed improvement in sleep. (slept till 9:30 AM today, rarity). I had a late night because mold got into my micro greens. (big no no). I have noticed improvement in my overall well-being. Nicotine has an anti-depressant effect by increasing dopamine and serotonin in the brain. For me, it’s hard to judge improvement because I have a family history of depression (antidepressants for 40 yrs.+).There may be some improvement in short-term memory. I will be chewing some gum today to see if I tolerate a higher dose. I am a rapid metabolizer of medications and many medication trials fail because inadequate dosing. Some people have side effects on starting doses and others no side effects on the highest manufacturer’s maximum dose. In part, I am providing this information because other long-haul Covid victims might listen to your podcast. Some studies show that 20 to 30% of acute Covid cases develop long-haul Covid. If you are using the patches, I hope your response is even better because of your intellectual insights and Central Valley, common sense and values. From an Oakdale, Ca.raised and current Alaskan resident all the best. God speed! WT Terry MD

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