Justice, Injustice, and Fatal Street Brawling

Join Victor Davis Hanson and Sami Winc as they discuss a deadly fight in New York, Trump’s indictment charges and Waltine Nauta‘s role, and the Biden pride party.

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14 thoughts on “Justice, Injustice, and Fatal Street Brawling”

  1. On Ukraine: P is not Z and Bursima is not the current government of Ukraine. You couch your talk as mere speculation, but when you say Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine you’re in fact “saying without saying” that Ukraine should not be supported because the current government under Zelenskyy has Joe Biden bribed. That’s a huge accusation, and you don’t have the facts to support it. So much for “sober and judicious “.

      1. Could be lots of reasons. The simplest is that it’s what his party wants, so he does it and drags his feet.

        Remember: there are other countries, like China, that are supposed to have bribed him. How would he keep both China and Ukraine happy? Who do you think gave more?

    1. I think THE FACT that Hunter was given miilions of dollars to sit on a board that he had no idea about, can be very telling? Would ANY NORMAL PERSON/BUSINESS hire a person that THEY KNOW is never going to contribute? WOULD ANY NORMAL PERSON CHASE A MANUFACTURED SCRIPT OR BELIEVE A VIDEO OF THE PERSON SAYINH OUT LOUD IM COMMITTING A QUID PRO QUO! You seem like a “VERY FAIR PERSON” who will claim there is no proof, while DOJ FBI ABC NBC CBS PBS CNN MSNBC WaPo WaStJo NYTimes USAtoday, TIme Newsweek Rolling Stone Cosmo, Google Amazon FaceBook OLD TWITTER that was helping the feds shut down republican discourse, and so much more PROVE THAT THEIR IS NO PROOF! Excellent fact finding mission Inspector Closseau.

    2. Im betting EVERYTHING I HAVE that its better to be wrong occasionally….. Im still right about JFK was MURDERED and Bush and CHeny killed 2000+ AMERICANS so they could justify CHASING TERROR, and J6 is a COMPLETE HUNK OF $#IT… than to be told what to think! If youre stupid enough to accept one gunman and Terrorist flew planes into buildings and the J6 is worse than destoying TOTAL cities and innocent lives than all I can do is PRAY that you are still a prebuscent boy mowing lawns and blowing snow!

      1. Hi Rob. Switch to decaf. I think Joe Biden is corrupt. The question was why is the US, under his leadership, sending aid to Ukraine.

  2. Victor, I think you are spot on with the power of deterrence when the majority of people own firearms. Usually the excuse/argument made is the people living under totalitarian rule can’t fight back because they are helpless without guns. But, I think it’s more accurate to argue that guns deter governments from becoming totalitarian. Once it’s a dictatorship, it’s impossible to fight back. Was that your point, professor? 🙂

    I disagree with you about Trump. They will absolutely go after him regardless if he runs for president or not. They have shown again and again, there is no limits to what they will do with Trump. The finer points you articulated sounds interesting. But you always cloak it as an asymmetry of the application of the law. By saying that you are infer Trump is guilty. But no no no…this is political prosecution, end of story. 

  3. I am a loyal listener for some time. I was also an avid listener of Rush Limbaugh. He always said, we can’t join liberals, they have to be defeated. I am a firm believer of that. All I hear is that dems hate Trump because they don’t like his hair, he’s orange (?), he doesn’t talk right. Even you said almost that just now.
    Those are not the reasons. They hate him because he was successful even being attacked relentlessly. Dems have been talking for decades about immigration and how we must do something. Did they do anything when they have had power for so log? Dems want to be involved in constant wars. Donald Trump called them out and said “no more wars”. Dems and some republicans just want to spend and spend and raise taxes. Trump proved that there is a better way. Dems hate fossil fuels. This is absolutely crazy. How do you supply a country of over 300 million people on electric run by windmills and sun? Donald Trump knew that and made us energy independent. I’d sure hate to fly in a plane that runs on wind or sun.
    You and others like Tucker Carlson have to talk about this. Someone has to lead the way.

    1. First point was spot on. The thing to remember about Victor, he is not a Trump supporter. It helps me understand his analysis of Trump through that lense.

  4. Robert Stewart

    @17:40 Re: Trump Indictment

    “There are the facts or the alleged facts of the Trump case per se in isolation, …, and there is the wider context as to why this is case at all.”

    There is another issue, and that is the DoJ policy of elaborating on the law to create massive lists of felony counts that under appeal are often dismissed. The most extraordinary example of this was the Conrad Black prosecution. Convicted on about 19 counts, Black’s subsequent appeal eventually eliminated 17 of them. The incompetent judge who went along with this fantasy in the first place wasn’t embarrassed in the least. Black had served 28 months of his sentence for the 19 counts at the time of his successful appeal to the Supreme Court. The presiding judge sent him back to prison to complete the remaining 9 months. We saw the same thing with the Jan. 6 defendants. I suspect the 37 counts in the indictment are of the same sort. The DoJ will rely on the incompetence of the judiciary to let these stand, thus implying massive illegality by the accused. The extent of the charges will hopelessly bias the jury in favor the prosecution.

  5. Even though you & your neighbors may have guns, what good is the 2nd Amendment when you are not allowed to protect yourself & your family & property? If you were to use deadly force to protect your property, you would most likely find yourself in jail on felony charges. This is especially true if you are white & the criminal is a POC. All you are allowed to do is notify the police & hope they respond. Even if someone breaks into your house, if that person is unarmed & you have a means of escaping, you are not allowed to use deadly force under California law. The same is true in other states, such as NY. Look at what’s happening to former Marine Daniel Penny. Criminal has nothing to lose, & they know it, which is why they have become so brazen. You, however, have everything to lose. So, what are you going to do, risk being sent to prison over $5,000 worth of damage done by wire thieves? Your right to defend yourself & your property no longer exists in a woke state such as California. The main objective by democRATs is to keep YOU in line; i.e., to make sure that you are at their mercy.

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