Jussie Smollett, Derek Chauvin and Leftist Projections

On this episode, join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler as they discuss the latest in the Jussie Smollett case, Derek Chauvin being stabbed in prison, how the left project their prejudice and bias, what’s happening in Ireland and the beginning of Hanukkah.

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10 thoughts on “Jussie Smollett, Derek Chauvin and Leftist Projections”

  1. I just finished the December 7 podcast. Being a girl with 4 brothers and male friends at school, my first thought, when I felt scared when out on a date or otherwise threatened was “wait til I tell my brothers “. I still have that protection today, and 2 sons would take care of it. Also liked your comments on Hunter Biden. I can see him being that way with his dad. Great show! Wouldn’t miss an episode.

  2. Sorry, Victor, chivalry’s long gone, and women are on their own. They created this environment, and now they have to live with it. It doesn’t mean one shouldn’t look after loved ones.

  3. Don’t forget the woman Victor. Having watched a lot of movies from the 30s, I noticed a lot of matrons admonishing girls on the way they should dress and boys on the woman they should date.

  4. Sorry, Victor, the days of chivalry are long gone, and women are on their own. They created this environment and are now living with the consequences of alienating so many well-intentioned, protective men that recognize their good qualities & fine attributes. There is no more holding doors for women or carrying their packages, no more standing when a woman enters the room. A hand on the shoulder is considered sexual harassment.

  5. Chauvin probably was a typical cop. He appears so matter of factly showing his “certified” training. In previous times, cops were selected at times for their prowess when things get physical. Some i knew had been wrestlers or boxers who even worked out back then in the gym. Then the req for height was removed and short people were accepted; check out the SPD if there is any doubt. Next women were accepted but often, especially early on, were paired with a male in case of an encounter with someone who carried little or no respect for the law. Chauvin’s knee on the neck was not a good decision although acceptable and taught in his jurisdiction. Once the felon’s hands are cuffed behind his torso, he may be allowed to flail around until he tires; then toss his butt in a paddy wagon. Prostate on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his torso, he likely cannot even get up on his feet. He would most likely curse and flail around; so what? Soon he would become physically tired but still bellowing. Strap a thin mask on him so he cannot spit but still can yell and literally toss him to the floor of the paddy wagon, crank up the volume of some heavy metal tunes and drive the drugged felon to jail. Cities and counties have opted to ignore physicality for metro values. A few years ago, Tacoma had a serious issue with crime in a downtown area. The mayor accepted a plan to temporarily hire some ex cops, boxers, wrestlers of an earlier era, all large

  6. and a bit rough in appearance. They were told to knock heads if necessary to clean up the crime infested downtown area. Those guys started their walk patrols. Within a very few months the bad guys left that area and it again became a decent area to visit and for tourists. The temp cops were paid well, thanked, and told to leave. That area of Tacoma enjoyed the downtown area for a few years. Now, however, some of the crime and newer miscreants have returned. City politicians will not even consider the solution that worked there years ago.

    1. Leroy,

      A guy at my church is a retired TPD cop. He worked the Hilltop during the 1990’s when migrating LA gangs plagued the area during the crack epidemic.

      Boy, he told me a few stories that I don’t think I should repeat.

      1. Hello Ron, yes, that was it – the Hilltop area. Two of us went to visit a friend there who had a high condo in the area. The friend described how the city cleaned up that area. He also was a boxer and also taught Chinese language at the UW. He said the city brought in some of those older, physically big fellows, who were a ‘little rough around the edges,’ LOL, and told them to do what they had to on foot patrol in order to clean up the area. Apparently, it didn’t take too long for the garbage to move on. You r right, if a prosecutor like Ferguson were to have the opportunity, he would no doubt punish the fuzz.

        No good deed will go unpunished.

  7. Dear Prof. Hanson:
    Your mother was a gem.
    She should be cloned and her DNA spliced to incorporate into every Judge in the country.
    Most lawyers would give up things valuable to have a human Judge with your mother’s characteristics.
    There are far too many who lack your mother’s qualities of spirit

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