Joe Biden Plays the Old Ugly American

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

The Left used to accuse imperialist, resource-hungry Yanquis in Washington of cutting selfish deals with illiberal dictatorships in Latin America to grab their natural resources.

How odd then that Joe Biden is now begging the despicable Maduro regime in Venezuela—corrupt, murderous, and anti-American—to produce more of its oil solely to send northward to America.

Biden is quite willing to ease sanctions and condone the human rights abuses of Maduro—if his dictatorship will just open its oil spigots before the November midterm elections.

Biden in 2020 campaigned on the supposed evil nature of the Saudi Arabian monarchy. Yet after vainly entreating Venezuela, Iran, and Russia, it was inevitable that Biden would once again supplicate the Saudis to pump more oil.

Biden even pleaded with OPEC to increase its output and thus lower the world price of energy—again before the midterm elections.

Biden, remember, has a bad habit of bragging that he lowered gas prices at the pump when the natural volatility of the petroleum markets leads to a fractional decrease. But once prices spike, he is utterly silent about his own role in limiting U.S. oil and gas output.

So, was it any surprise that the Saudis became the fourth non-democratic regime to refuse Biden’s entreaties? During the 2020 campaign, when gas prices were dirt cheap, and when then candidate Biden was demagoguing about ending fossil fuel, he opportunistically libeled the Saudis a “pariah” state.

Biden also claimed that his opponent Donald Trump had cozied up to these supposedly awful Saudi royals. That accusation was especially ironic given that Trump was the first American president who had no need for Saudi oil.

His administration had managed to make the United States the largest producer of gas and oil in history— precluding any energy dependence on illiberal regimes abroad.

Trump was the first U.S. president whose interest in Gulf State monarchies was not energy-driven.

Instead, he partnered with the Arab nations to end their hostilities with Israel. The ensuing Abraham Accords saw a historic thaw between the Jewish state and moderate Arab nations—given their shared worries about the unhinged Iranian theocracy.

The Saudis are enjoying the schadenfreude of seeing their former American critic now on his knees, demanding the purportedly dirty, polluting oil produced by a supposed “pariah” state.

In response to their “No,” a desperate Team Biden is getting nasty. Almost immediately the administration raised the idea of a pre-midterm retribution of suing the OPEC cartel as a price-rigging monopoly. It even maneuvered allies in Congress to take action to punish Riyadh for not playing the American pawn.

The American public is repelled as they watch Biden’s pathetic theatrics of global oil begging to help himself in the midterms. They are ashamed that their recently energy autonomous country is now imploring non-democratic regimes for every drop of their oil—to the extent of threatening former allies and coaxing current enemies.

More bizarre still, the public was once told that Biden and the Left wanted high energy prices.

Why else did Biden upon entering office cancel the Keystone Pipeline?

Did he not fulfill his green promises to the radical environmentalist Left by shutting down oil fields in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

Did Biden not dutifully hector lending agencies, pensions funds, and money managers not to loan to, or invest in, oil and gas companies?

Did Biden not issue fewer new energy leases on federal lands than any prior president?

Was it not Biden on the eve of the Ukrainian war who jawboned the Europeans to reject the EastMed pipeline? That project was a much-needed joint effort by three of our closest allies—Greece, Israel, and Cyprus—to bring clean-burning natural gas to an energy-starved Europe.

In sum, did not Biden brag to the Left that he kept his campaign promises to strangle fossil fuels—both curbing supply and spiking prices—to hasten the “transition” to wind, solar, and batteries?

Why then is Biden humiliating Americans by playing the hard-nosed ugly American? Why is he demanding foreigners pump what we ourselves have in plentitude but will not fully produce?

The answer, of course, is raw politics.

Biden knows he wrecked the economy by deliberately surging oil prices in pursuit of the Left’s utopian green nightmare.

Or put another way—if it is a question of avoiding a historic midterm wipeout, Joe Biden will now do anything.

And that anything means all the human rights sermons about ostracizing “pariah” states like oil-rich Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela go out the window.

In winter 2021 Biden lectured us that fossil fuels were dirty obstacles to our green future.

As winter 2022-23 approaches, Biden believes he can strongarm his enemies to send us more of such taboo energy that we won’t produce ourselves.

Good luck with all these utter absurdities.


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8 thoughts on “Joe Biden Plays the Old Ugly American”

  1. How much longer will the mainstream (left-wing ideological) media be able to ignore/spin these increaslngly blatant/desperate hypocrisies/absurdities? Will 2023 (Republican congress, originalist Supreme Court decisions, Musk Twitter, DeSantis) bring a (cold, then warmer) breath of fresh air?

    1. I think Desantis is better off staying in Florida over trying to drain the swamp which can’t be fixed because every single one of them on all sides are corrupted in some way and I would hate to see all the momentum Desantis has be destroyed by the very place which took out Trump by his knees.

    2. Thanks John for your two important questions. It’s comforting to me to know that others are concerned about the progressive marxist attacks on America.
      My personal answer to the first question is: forever!
      My personal answer to the second question is: we’ll see!

  2. The pure evil that oozes from the pores of those people in that regime is absolutely satanic. These people are hell bent on the utter destruction and cultural, civil, global return to a hedonistic Bronze Age where there is only one social mantra, as Aleister Crowley lamented,” Do what throw whilst “

  3. People who voted for this idiot are the same ones who get behind Beto because they believe what he’s peddling when in reality, he, Abbott and Biden have sent our once energy efficient state into a huge tailspin thanks to our two fairies secretly giving each other reach arounds while our border deteriorates and this country is further screwed into bloated inflation.

  4. Biden acts as if he is God’s gift to the world. He believes he can insult foreign leaders on a whim and then pressure them to do his bidding. Every foreign government can see that he is incapable being reliable or equitable in any way. The usual response is for countries to act in their own interests and treat the Biden Regime as no longer relevant or even coherent. If Republicans can win in November and pull out of the nosedive of the economy, Biden will quickly take credit. But The Biden Regime’s days are numbered even if the Republicans don’t impeach him. The Democrats will have to reckon with the damage he has done to the country and to their election fortunes. Two more years of the Biden Regime’s incompetence maximum and possibly less..

  5. The list of atrocities committed by Biden is long, but what he has done to cripple US energy self sufficiency is right at the top. He then has the audacity to lie and prevaricate about the cause of high gas prices and their economy wrecking consequences. It’s enough to make you weep that this morally bankrupt individual is the leader of the free world. And I’m not even American.

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