Jenin, Istanbul and Athens

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson discuss with cohost Sami Winc the latest about the 4th of July, cocaine in the White House, no child support as reparation, and the current state of nations in the eastern Mediterranean from which he just returned.

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16 thoughts on “Jenin, Istanbul and Athens”

    1. Sami has a devoted, nigh unto fanatical, fanbase. She is Prigozhin to Uictor’s Putin. If Uictor got rid of her, there would be bread shortages and riots in the streets.

    2. Funny, listening to her talk with Victor about different wars and the current Russian war feels similar to listening to current women broadcasters acting like they are experts on the input and strategy of NFL and other male professional sports/games as if they played it?

      1. Uictor isn’t a soldier either. Is he not allowed to talk outside his immediate experience too? Must he stick to farming and educational bureaucracy?

  1. I’m glad Sami can be gleeful about Hunter’s misdeeds after the trauma of infiltrating his powdery donut lair last year. Maybe, in light of this most recent finding, it is time for her to don the red high heels for another Project Veritas style sting!

    1. I think she is feeling like many do about what a “joke” America’s government has become and somewhat helpless to do anything about it

  2. Ermesilda Freitas

    I am in awe of your depth of knowledge, memory and common sense. I must admit at time what you say goes right over my head (I’m not all that bright) but I learn so so much from you. God bless you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  3. Another quality discussion.Thank you.I’d love to hear VDH speak on the dreadful events in Smyrna(Izmir) at the end of the First World War and why the Greeks ventured back into Ottoman territory at that time.Can you draw wider lessons from these events?

  4. Thomas O'Brien

    VDH, regarding your Dodge Ram, I am glad you are finally getting some relief. I must wonder if you have the public bully pulpit that you do, played a role in finally getting the needed help with your truck.

    As I had previously posted, I had issues with multiple failed transmissions in my 1990 Plymouth Voyager. But the best I could do in bringing it to public attention was write on my rear window that I was driving a lemon.

    You, on the other hand, have many thousands of loyal followers. Some of whom, no doubt, are in the market for a new pickup truck. Their knowing your unfortunate Ram experience, no doubt, soured their buying decision on this particular truck.

    Dodge would be wise to give you their very best customer support.

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    What has delayed my purchase is what Covid did with the supply chains. My past three vehicles have all been purchased by doing “Factory Orders”. But this was pre-covid. By doing a factory order I got all the options I wanted, and none that I did not. I and I could not have been happier with the pricing ($1500 to $2000 below “Dealer Invoice”). The only downside was having to wait eight weeks for the order to be fulfilled.

    Now post covid, I am told one must wait a year or longer for the vehicle to be delivered! Bummer

  5. Excellent discussion.VDH touched on the destruction of Smyrna during Ataturk’s offensive against the Greeks.I think this is a topic worth further examination and would love VDH to examine it in depth and what,if any,wider lessons can be learned from this catastrophe.His new work ‘The End of Everything’ as usual sounds like a must read if there ever was one.
    English subscriber here in the UK.I never miss a podcast.Always so instructive and learned.Thank you,Victor.

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