Israel at War, Trump on Trial While Biden Buys Votes

Join the news roundup with Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc to listen to the latest about the attack on Israel, the Trump trials and Biden’s billions.

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5 thoughts on “Israel at War, Trump on Trial While Biden Buys Votes”


    Regarding intercepting and downing V-1s, Professor Hanson, I think you’re thinking of the Spitfire, not the Typhoon. The Typhoon didn’t have the Rolls-Royce Merlin, but the Napier Sabre engine. Pilots flying the later model Spitfire flipped buzz bombs as you described. The pilot would get his wingtip under the V-1’s wing and do a quick roll to flip it. That threw off the gyroscope that the V-1 used in its guidance system and caused it to crash.

  2. Thank you both for a great show. However I have heard that it was actually the thumbs up that denotes killing, slashing the throat. While the thumbs down meant put down the sword. Could you clarify it’s use in ancient Rome?

  3. Sami is GREAT and clearly a conservative.
    She has become better at reading the ads but I can tell the ones she absolutely supports over those she is just reading.
    I suggest VDH pay her more so she can buy that hydrogen infused water for home instead of drinking it at the studio ;))
    That she has a soft sexy voice makes it all the better.

    1. Mary, you are spot on! I agree wholeheartedly with you. My latest appreciation of VDH is his analysis of the “11 Ways….Biden is destroying America”

      Fundamentally, it got me thinking, could it be just “Monday morning quarterbacking”, meaning fitting the current circumstances into some plan. VDH is just another kind of conspiracy theorist and this is what “that kind” would submit: manufactured logic?

      Or is it that there are really AMERICANS who have calculated this breadth and depth of a concerted effort to undermine the USA for the simple reason of their own goal of their control and power? Are we really just a bunch of chess pieces that they nudge to their advantage? Does everyone salivate every time they see a Burger King ad and immediately drive on in?

      It boggles my mind that that kind of manipulation effort would actually take place? Am I naive, ignorant, stupid or just misinformed?

      I’ve always felt that the most important question to answer is, “why?”. Of all the 11 itemized criteria VDH illustrates, why continue each? None seemed to achieve any beneficial result? In the case of releasing the funds, the actions are clearly contradictory.

      Individually, they may stand alone, unrelated, but considered together, well, that is a more cumulative, comprehensive perspective.

      I’m inclined to believe what VDH has written, and necessarily, well thought out, because what is presented, occurred. The results were actioned but not corrected. Conclusion: Deliberate.

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