Iran’s Interests Doomed and Republican Primaries Loom

Listen in to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss air-traffic control, Iran’s interest in the war with Gaza, Republican party primaries approach, and why the US supported the Vichy government.

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17 thoughts on “Iran's Interests Doomed and Republican Primaries Loom”

  1. Amber B., Okmulgee, Ok

    Good Morning Professor Hanson,

    It’s Thursday after you’re recording of this podcast. The new speaker has been elected. I heard his speech on my way to work yesterday. Mike Johnson of Louisiana sounds perfect for the job. I haven’t looked at his actual voting record, but I like his agenda as he layed it out to us. Restoring trust, a big deal.
    I think Trump has made himself less Trump like by avoiding debate. I would like to see a conservative think tank type ‘interview’ with two candidates, DeSantis & Haley. A question and answer, multiple choice whatever with thoughtful and smart common sense people asking the questions. Not eliite powerplayers, normal people asking questions about energy, military, things that affect families and small businesses. Law, judges, enforcement, the border, good conservative conservation policy, not eco wacky policy that hurts our country. All those things matters to people like me.
    I look forward to your podcasts and I share them with my granddaughters, twins, age 12. They know a lot about our country & history thanks to you.
    Sami & Jack do a fine job I enjoy them as well.

  2. I don’t think we should conflate what went on in the House re the deposing of Kevin McCarthy, and (finally) the confirmation of Mike Johnson by unanimous vote by Republicans, with the situation between Republican presidential candidates, Trump, Halley, and DeSantis. I agree with the sentiment that the other Republicans should drop out of the primary.

    The House Speaker debacle is related to the fractious nature of the Republican House, previously with the Freedom Caucus, and now with the MAGA members, going against the establishment Republicans. This sort of thing doesn’t happen with the Democrats who always vote lock step.

    The Trump situation is much more complex – there is a coup in progress being perpetrated by the Jacobin Democrats and the institutions that support them. This has not been seen in the entirety of US history – never has a past President been threatened with jail-time for running for a 2nd term in office – if Trump wasn’t running there would be no indictments against him, that much is clear.

    There are people that say “let’s replace Trump with someone with a MAGA agenda, but without the baggage”. I understand the sentiment – but unfortunately, there are two problems – 1) no consequences for the Jacobins who have orchestrated the coup, and 2) we take away the vote of the people in 2024 by taking Trump off the ballot.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. At this moment in history, America needs a bull in the china shop. Metro-rinos will not add any friction to the obvious slide downhill. There is indication that it is now (Nov 2024) or never. McCarthy was a metro-rino rep too involved with the establishment.

      Keeping one’s promises is a high value politically needed at this moment; McCarthy’s betrayal is not. McCarthy’s deviousness with regard to Jordan revealed the virtue of his removal. Good ridance.

  3. Flying is becoming slightly scary. As soon as I heard the radio announcement that United Airlines’ upcoming new social engineering req in lieu of merit for qualifying for commercial pilot training, i decided just five to ten more months to stop flying commercially. Cruising through the clouds at flight level 35 or so and in a storm or in CAT (clean air turbulence) is NOT the time to test the skill of a newly trained, socially engineered airline pilot. I want a grizzled, geezer former fighter pilot at the wheel who thinks on his feet (or flies by the ‘seat of his pants’) in a manner of speaking ;-), please. For this reason, this Cessna 182 flies visually at low altitudes and stays close to the hanger.

  4. When America is weak, the world goes to hell. When it continues to be weak, it too will get attacked, slowly but surely. Lets pray our crude and crass orange president will come back to save us — if we are lucky! Fake election results have consequences.

  5. Note: Iran’s Survival

    According to Ezekiel 38, Iran (Persia) will survive to the end of this age to attack Israel. It will be joined by Ethiopia (Cush), Libya (Put), Armenia (Gomer), and Eastern Turkey (Beth-togarmah).

    This anti-Israeli alliance will be defeated by the Lord GOD.

    1. The head of the anti-Israeli alliance is Gog, the human leader of the opposition against Christ. This person is from Magog which has an uncertain identity. Magog can refer to the Sythians, SE Anatolia, barbarians near the Caspian and Black Seas, and modern Turkey.

  6. Regarding the complaints from your listeners:
    They complain because they are envious of your freedom of opinion. You have earned your freedom of opinion by gaining wisdom about the way the world works. Rather than getting inspired by your wisdom, and seeking to gain knowledge for themselves, they try to exert control over you through guilt. I hope you don’t take their opinions too seriously, because everything you say is truly inspiring.

  7. Notes: Internment of Americans of Japanese Ancestory, a Left Wing Idea…

    1. Promoted by the McClatchy Newspaper (Liberal)

    2. Permitted by Attorney General Earl Warren (Republican)

    3. Signed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat)

    1. No Americans of Japanese ancestory or Japanese resident aliens in the United States were found to be agents of the Japanese government during World War 2.

      Victor reports that agents of Japan were found in Hawaii during the war. Hawaii became America’s 50th state in 1959.

  8. Why do people say that finding President Trump guilty of even one felony would keep him from running for President. The requirements for the presidency, according to the Constitution are:
    1. That the person be a natural born American and
    2. That the person be 35 or older.
    That’s it.
    While conviction would/will make campaigning more difficult, there is NO legal proscription because of it.

  9. Dr. Hanson, here’s my radical solution for the Hamas problem. Israel should ask the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to hand over all Hamas members in the Gaza Strip or…Israel will cut a deal with China in which Gaza would be leased to China for 100 years. A Chinese colony on the Mediterranean would then encourage a Semitic Economic Union that would become the terminus of the new Pan-Asian Silk Route and make it the most prosperous region in the world.

  10. Dr. Hanson-

    You mentioned on the Oct.26 podcast that the GOP should have a debate just between Gov. DeSantis, and, Nikki Haley.

    Your reasoning for that, was, to my understanding, to have a safety net in case President Trump’s legal issues keep him out of the race. You thought these two candidates would best represent the MAGA and traditional GOP ideologies.

    I like the idea, but, there are many Trump supporters that would never go for either one of those two candidates. I am on Truth Social, and, there are “influencers “ that are Only-Trumpers. I can think of one in particular with a huge following.

    The only way I see another candidate beating Biden( assuming he is the candidate) would be if Trump were to give them his blessing.

    1. Thoughts for My Candidate or Nothing Voters –

      1. Voters need to choose the best candidate that can win.

      2. All candidates are flawed. None are totally what you want them to be.

      3. Incremental positive change is better than the Democrat alternative.

      4. Patience is need rather than immediate gratification.

      5. To believe my preferred candidate will make everything right is flawed thinking as no one can do that but God.

      6. Remember that your preferred candidate is not God.

      7. Marxists and leftists have strategized and worked for 100 years to incrementally take over America’s institutions so to reverse those changes may also take generations.

      8. Voting is not just for yourself but for the sake of the country now and for the future.

      8. Vote and choose the best candidate that can win. The Democrat alternative accelerates America’s decline.

    2. 10. Future generations may thank you for voting conservative to save the country from a leftist dystopia. Your vote matters beyond yourself.

  11. What if President Trump prerecorded election commercials and speeches now to be released later by OTHERS than himself. Then if he did be put under a serious gag order, or imprisoned they could be broadcast after the fact.
    If he no longer had control of such recordings why would he be held in contempt?

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