Interview with Tim Sheehy: from Navy Seal to Senator

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson interviews the former Navy SEAL  about his life, private business, and campaign to become Montana’s next senator.

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14 thoughts on “Interview with Tim Sheehy: from Navy Seal to Senator”

  1. Robert Stewart

    The fascinating thing about Sheehy’s Senate race is the opportunity to restore the Senate to its role as the protector of the little republics (the states) that the Senate is supposed to protect. Tim’s opponent has amassed a huge campaign chest for the race, but a very large portion of these donations flow in from all of the large states, and generally from people who are employed either by governments or by entities providing services (e.g. legal or medical) to a government agency. These donors seek to ensure that the Senator from Montana does not play his constitutional role as a protector of Montana’s interests. Another fascinating aspect of the donors who support Tim’s opponent are the large number of donors who are listed as unemployed (not retired, which is another category) and who still have managed to donate cumulative amounts of about $700 each over the last five years. Victor is on target with his encouragement of California Republicans to donate to Tim’s campaign. This is a place where a large number of $50 donations could be decisive in the coming election.


      Restoring true federalism isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. To restore the true federalism defined in the Constitution, it’ll be necessary to repeal the 17th Amendment, at least, and re-establish the relationship between each state and its senators. It’d be a hard sell to take away popular election, even to true conservatives. And there is too much money at stake, for the senators, for their specialty constituents, and for the general voters, who all enjoy the federal largesse.
      We might not ever get back to a true small federal government, from this bloated leech the progressives created.

      1. The beauty of the small states is that they are small. Sheehy’s opponent has about $20M for his campaign. The Democrat’s target is about 100,000 swing voters in Montana. He cannot (legally) give them $200 from his campaign funds, so the money goes to little newspapers and massive mail- and media campaigns. The effectiveness of these outreach efforts is diminished as the number of repetitions grows. The only lasting value for most of this money will be the goodwill the Democrats earn from their lavish expenditures on media and newspapers. If 100,000 frustrated Republicans in California each donated $50 to Sheehy and the other four or five Senate candidates across the county in small states, the effect would be startling.

  2. Christine Dowd

    After listening to Victor’s interview with Tim, I will definitely donate to Tim’s campaign. We need him.

  3. Robert Stewart

    The caption beneath the hot link to the podcast is in error. You state that Tim Sheehy was a conservative congressman. You have the same statement beneath the hotlink to this page on the main Blade of Perseus page. I repeat, this is incorrect. Sheehy is a businessman and cattle rancher and has never been a congressman. I have noted a number of other such errors in the past. If you like, I would be happy to call your web master with these problems when I see them. It is a disservice to Victor and his guests to have such errors on the page. Just email me at the address I provided with the phone number, and we can move ahead on fixing these sorts of problems in the future.

  4. Allen Hawkes, USA (ret)

    Mr. Sheehy must learn to speak a little slower and avoid using “yaknow” as a means of spacing his thoughts. The dozens, perhaps hundreds, of “yaknows” he used during this interview was distracting, wasted air time and implied a juvenile ability in the proper use of the English language. Sorry to write this as I agree 100% with his message 🙂👍


      Everyone talks like that, unfortunately. That’s another by-product of progressivism on education, in my opinion. Generally speaking, we speak more and more like adolescents, with the lack of intellectual discipline that that indicates.

    2. Thomas O'Brien

      Did his rapid speaking (that I simply interpreted as enthusiasm and candor) make up for the time you said was lost with his distracting “yaknows” (which I did not even notice)?

  5. Timothy Dearing

    Thanks for the interview. It would have been nice to know his position on Ukraine, WEF, and Israel. Additionally, with the complete loss of confidence in sitting republican office holders, both House and Senate, what would he have to say to the listeners to show he would bring a different voice? I do believe we have reached a point where many now truly believe we have a uniparty system. Thanks again for your efforts, I enjoy all your broadcasts.

  6. Academy grad, Navy Seal, wounded veteran, married to veteran Marine, successful businessman versus a Carhart wearing, tractor riding opponent that votes 90% plus for an anti-American democrat agenda. Sounds like a slam dunk in a state where 90% of 100K veterans vote, Biden rates 25% while Trump rates 70+%. Of course the big donor democrat $$$ are against him.
    I love Matt Rosendale but Tom Sheehy has a great resume. Rosendale should have a easy win in the House, we need both of these guys in there fighting the good fight.

    This interview is something everyone Montana veteran and voter should listen to.

    If VDH had interviewed Tiffany Smiley back in 2022, Patty Murray may be unemployed now. Excellent interview and I hope to hear more VDH interviews of candidates across the nation,

  7. I can believe that over $200-million will have been spent in Montana with less than a million voters. There’s no escaping campaign ads here. Most people are happy when it’s over, no matter who wins.

    If you didn’t know anything about Tester, you could be forgiven for thinking he’s a Republican based upon his ads; Salt of the Earth in his pickup truck. There’s always a gun in the background. Gonna be tough on immigration and the border. Gonna stop the fentanyl. Gonna stop Californians from buying everything. (How?) Gonna stop inflation.

    If fact it’s always amusing to see that any Democrat running for state-wide office, even far-left ones will always have a gun somewhere in their ad. It’s funny.

  8. Tester is a gun-tote’s, pickup truck driv’n, Carhart wear’n, flattop hair’n, good ole boy cattle rancher/farmer (minus 4 fingers)who’s made his millions in the Senate.

    Tim Sheehy is the man Tester never was and can’t be. His heroes are Obama, Schumer and Joe “Open Borders” Biden.

    It’s no contest.

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