VDH on the Election, Trump and COVID with Megyn Kelly

VDH on independents breaking for Democrats, Trump’s announcement, and COVID lockdown harms.

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2 thoughts on “VDH on the Election, Trump and COVID with Megyn Kelly”

  1. Why DeSantis can’t wait to finish up his governor term before he runs for president? Why do you think he will fade if he doesn’t run, and he continue to do a good job in Florida? Christie wasn’t a good example. He turned out to be a crook (is that fake news)? He just won an election. Why would he wants to go right into another one? Is the presidency some kind of beauty pageant? He has no reasons to run right now, unless he is a politician, I mean a grifter — doesn’t matter if there’s a ‘D’ or ‘R’ next to his name. That applies to Rubio, Cruz, and the others.

    1. I totally agree. He should announce that Trump is his man and he’s with Trump all the way and he urges everyone who supported him, DeSantis, and everyone who cares about America to get behind Trump. He’ll have plenty of time in the future. Reagan didn’t run until his governorship was complete. DeSantis should do the same.

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