Immigration, Weaponization, and Censorship

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine the old left’s idea of immigration, Simpson-Mazzoli Act, sentencing Jan. 6 participants, weaponizing the administration, the censorship industrial complex, and de-leftification of universities.

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11 thoughts on “Immigration, Weaponization, and Censorship”

  1. We no longer have a justice system. It’s a court system that’s been captured by marxists. What we’re witnessing is Regressive Acceptance, where anything from the left, up to and including violence must be accepted and even encouraged, where anything from the right, no matter how trivial, must be condemned as a violent attack.

    1. Lorenzo Lopopolo

      Jack Fowler’s Comment about Service Animals. I have a Service dog who has accompanied me on several flights. He is well trained, and disciplined and has never caused a problem on any Flight.

  2. What will the country do when the presumed Terrorist cells now in the country break out and become active?
    How long before the USA gets the message?
    Will we punish the politicians who enabled the invasion after American start being killed?

  3. I just heard today on Kudlow that Majorcas wants to give work permits to 16 million illegal aliens. To me, it looks like his next step is to let them vote. I don’t seem to hear anything much in the media! It would be great if you could address this some time. Same thing with driver’s licenses. Easy way to give them voting rights!

  4. Speaking of airline ranking, Prof VDH, be thankful you were not aboard the Delta Flt 194 from Atlanta to Barcelona. You would have had to adjust Delta’s high ranking.

  5. Michael Campbell

    Immigration is now a racialized weapon to create white minority status; the left has openly promised this for years. I recall one campus speaker when I was a Cal State Hayward student, circa 1986, who promoted illegal immigration as an “Indigenous DNA stand-in” for “cultural habitat restoration” of shrinking U.S. native tribes, to racially “re-dominate” the North American continent. Recently, Secretary Mayorkas himself confirmed in a May 10 press conference that illegal immigration is “all about achieving equity” — and yet we’re gaslighted that the “Great Replacement” is an alt-right fantasy. I was 24 years old back then and am 60 now. The situation was not fixed and has grown exponentially worse.

  6. I just finished this episode. I have one thing to say. I fly I lot as well and 95% of the time I am in the aisle seat. Every now and then I will be stuck in a window seat. If I am in that window seat and VDH happens to sit next to me I will greet him politely and try to change my seat. I don’t want him kicking my ankles as I try to use the bathroom on a 4 hour flight. :)😊


  7. Thoroughly enjoyed our chance to hear Dr. Hanson at Hillsdale on 9/6 .. excellent

    Both my wife & I retired from airline careers and we dread the flying experience of today ( .. endorsing your podcast views on the punishment of air carrier travel presently ..)

    We’ve adopted driving as a fabulous antidote to the madness .. LOTS of road trips .. AAA maps loaded onboard

    Dr. Hanson your comments on cockpit propaganda strikes a chord ..
    .. made a statement on the PA awaiting a jet bridge agent one evening, stating that my inaccurate prediction on timing was causing my nose to grow … a rather unamused first class passenger deplaned with the comment ‘ .. good night Pinocchio .. ‘

    keep ‘em flying sir …

  8. A biblical response to the loss of the rule of law in America –

    Unequal weights and unequal measures are both alike
    an abomination to the LORD.
    Proversbs 20:10

  9. A biblical response to illegal immigation, respecting the law of the land, enforcing immigration law and deportation –

    Romans 13:1-7

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