Immigration, Mass Murderer, and Campaign Strategy

In this episode, VDH and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Mayorkas’ border policy and testimony, media in the aftermath of Covenant School, DeSantis and Pence candidacies. VDH takes a moment to explore the similarities of this coming campaign season to Reagan’s 1980s campaign.

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8 thoughts on “Immigration, Mass Murderer, and Campaign Strategy”

  1. I find it farcical that the war hawks are saber rattling over foreign balloons, etc; when millions of unvetted illegals are pouring in thru our southern entrance. For example; what is keeping the Chinese illegals who came in couple weeks ago from flying over us in planes? So on.
    I can’t understand why a country that has been the 3rd most populated for a century due to immigration, continues to have an open border. I have been following the border fiascos since Biden reign. Have viewed weekly pictures of the 1000’s entering. The majority of the illegals are of military age, and Black or Hispanic. It is a little known fact, at least with people I interact with; that one doesn’t have to be a citizen to enlist in the US military. Surprised me! In fact, joining the military is one way to become a citizen. The people coming in have nothing; joining the military would give shelter, food, training, medical, the GI bill. And would they feel a loyalty to the people in our country, or to Biden.

    What’s driving the insanity we see in our country and government? Defund the Police. Get vaccinated or else. Cancel Christmas. Put on your mask or else. All Middle schoolers should have cel phones and access to the internet. Buy all your team’s helmets and sneakers from China. Have the FBI investigate the parent who protests at a school board meeting, but make sure the illegal alien who crosses our border violating our federal laws gets good medical and dental care and plenty to eat and a nice new city in which to settle down. I’m a he not a she and don’t tell my parents. I’m eight years old and was born George, but I prefer Sally and I’m going to have a baby as soon as I figure out how to do it.
    The answer to the question of what’s driving the insanity we see in our country is leadership or the lack thereof. When there’s a void in the good there’s always someone or something in the bad to fill it. Right now the foxes are in charge of the henhouse. The inmates are running the asylum.
    The attack is basically on God and His creation. God is no longer our leader. Our founders purposefully included the words “endowed by our Creator” not to pacify the religious but to speak from the hearts of the citizens the founders represented. The sooner we wake up to this fact and join the fight the sooner we’ll return to some sense of normalcy.
    The new vocabulary, or perhaps we should call it, as George Or

  3. barbara deSpan

    After every podcast I want to make a comment but I really never know where to begin. I wondered if Trump was elected and asked you to work on his team, knowing that the left will try to ruin you, if would you hesitate? And isn’t that what they want? Think of the DC Red Hen cafe running Trump’s press secretary out of the ‘business’. That place should have been shut down for several months and charges brought about discrimination. But nothing was done to these people. I have lost hope because the people of the USA just let things go. Now we see where it leads. People who were tied to President Trump …Carter Page, your Dr. Friend, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone, Dr. Jackson/Pres. Doctor etc. etc. were ruined by the left and the left made their lives hell. Why wouldn’t they do the same to President Trump? There are no repercussions for their actions. I almost have to quit all news and your podcast because there is NO law anymore in the USA and the left has gone rogue. I’m still hanging on but by a thread. Thanks for your podcasts. barbara deSpain

  4. Victor and Jack,
    It is difficult to trust the current political process the way it now stands. The left has corrupted the ability to have fair elections. The candidates are mostly puppets of either political party, especially on the democrat side. Even if there are honest candidates who are not beholden to anyone, they will be out-spent and mercilessly attacked by the opposition. It is disheartening to have weak RINOs running against well funded democrats. This is especially true in my state. Interesting, Victor, that you bring up the cycles of cultural change. Yes, we are in a crazy time now and I too hope that the pendulum is swinging the other way. The big difference now is that we have a much weaker country and that swing may come too late to save us. Thank you for a great podcast.

  5. Dear Mr. Hanson,
    With all due respect to you and Mr. Fowler regarding Judas Pence as a potential candidate for 2024, I respectfully disagree. Pence has shown himself to be a sober and judicious swamp creature. His lack of judgement failed Trump and the American people on multiple occasion. Please recall he accepted Gen Flynn’s resignation on the ridiculous assertion of violating the Logan Act. Pence was the point man on the Covid taskforce, and deferred to Redfield, Fauci and Birx as attested by Dr. Scott Atlas in several interviews regarding the proper course of action. He could have saved America the awful pain inflicted by those political hacks. And finally, he should have had the decency to coordinate with President Trump and his legal team on the certification of the electors as proposed by Eastman and Levin. It was worth a try to save the Republic after that ‘fortified’ election. Pence is a disgrace. If he chooses to run, I’d recommend to his competitors to play the elbow bump between Pence and Pelosi from the January 7th 2020 certification. The VP role is not or at least was not just ceremonial as the Democrats maintained. The authority to return the electors to their respective States for certification should have been adjudicated, and not rushed. There must have been something to the assertions as the Democrats quickly rushed to fortify that legalese once in power.

  6. Charles Carroll

    Two items:
    Dr. Hanson, please don your philological hat regarding the suffix “phobe”. As I understand it, it means to fear. So leftists speak to transPHOBE and islamoPHOBE. There are numerous people who don’t fear these folks but who reject their agendas. What is an appropriate suffix for people who, while not in fear, reject and/or oppose a grouping?
    Regarding General Berger and Marine Corps wokeness, a year or so ago, General Berger established an all-woman room in the Commandant’s Quarters at 8th & I. I had never seen Marine Corps exhibits dedicated to any segment of Marines; Hispanic, Catholic, black, etc. The exhibits and artwork were always aimed solely at combat-related activities. Segments were aviation, infantry, artillery, etc.

  7. How long do we allow our Constitution to be ignored, mocked and subverted? What percentage of our population is needed to win back the country as our Founders envisioned? 12%, 15% or 20%? These percentages relate to folks whom believe in our Constitution and have sacrificed for this nation and are heavily armed. Elected representatives don’t represent us. They don’t stay in touch with us or answer our communications. The Commies are pushing us to a rendezvous with a time of Reconning. Corruption and violating our basic rights is unacceptable. The Evil in our society will drive a Devine intervention. We will act out God’s will. Read Joshua for what is coming.

  8. Dallas Debatin

    Can’t wait to hear you in person on the Hillsdale Cruise. Sure hope the long Luhan flu you have been suffering from resolves by then

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