Ideology Kills People

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine revolutionary Left-wing ideology: storming the Tennessee legislature, the WNBA and Jill Biden, the response to soaring black crime rates, diplomatic disasters, de-urbanization, and distractions like transgenderism.

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11 thoughts on “Ideology Kills People”

  1. Please tell me the title is a Llamas With Hats reference. Please, please, please…

    Caarrrlll! Ideology kills people!

    I did not know that.


    Regarding the punks ejected from Tennessee’s legislature, Jones will return, because the Nashville Metropolitan Council voted to return him as representative. Pierson’s district is also considering voting him back in as its representative.
    So, again, rule of law takes another hit.

  3. Thank God for Dr Hanson. He Is a “Voice crying out from the wilderness” He is brilliant,
    plain spoken, and brave. It is ironic that 60 years ago he would be know for his excellent writing. Now however since his opinions are not mainstream in the bi-costal media he
    Is preeminent because he is unique. I trust that he will continue to speak for the maintenance of a Constitutional form of governance as well as an historical demeanor in political discourse. Thank you both for your work in defending the American dream that includes the many positive changes I have seen in my almost 70 years, and thank you for calling out the damaging changes we have been forced to endure. God bless you and these United States.

  4. Mr. Hanson really needs to occupy some high-ranking advisor position in the White House. No one in their right mind would want to be president but, we really need Victors’ high caliber mental acuity post-haste!
    Would this be something Mr. Hanson would entertain?

    1. Great idea, were we in a civilized nation still.
      However, currently, I would not want someone of such high value to be in a targeted position.
      Checking twiddle and other lefty response sources, half the country should under the control of Nurse Ratchad.

  5. Victor and Jack,
    I live in a state with a substantial number of California transplants. It appears that nearly 20% of the cars on the main roads in our city are from California. Granted we live close to the border, but I’ve never witnessed such an influx as now. I hope that these newcomers don’t transform our state into one like they just left. I do empathize with those that flee California. What will we do if our entire country becomes destroyed, not just a particular state? Thank you for a great podcast.

  6. Richard Borgquist

    I am a fan of women’s figure skating.
    Wonder what that will be like when transgenderism hits that.

  7. I thank both Dr. Hanson and J. Fowler for the interesting conversation during this podcast. Dr. Hanson can you please address the primary problems of lack of discipline and morality as being more of a solution than gun control, or actually any weapon control. Also, as an aside, you could you please stop using the cliche, “Isn’t funny”, or ” I find this funny”, when in actual context it is not funny.
    I will go back to listening.
    FS Gilbert

  8. Thank you both for a really profound discussion in these troubling times. A sane and responsible person can’t really believe the audacious attacks underway on civility, equality under the law, and the precious value of America and the Constitution. You are right that acceleration of this push began with Obama and Hillary and is now so deeply embedded in Leftist politics and thinking that those locked into it are bound and determined to bring the house down on all of us.

    Fortunately, there are millions of good Americans, full of faith, and willing to fight non-violently, for our country and the future. I also believe that God has invested so much to create this national experiment over the decades that He won’t allow the evil and corrupt elites to destroy it and oppress the population.

    I would say, look for more and more unmasking of criminal behavior and revealing of ugly “state secrets” long kept from the public and we’ll see how the mighty will fall. Only after such a cleansing, can we, the patriots, reconstruct a wholesome new beginning for Blessed America and fulfill our promise.

    We need to be prayerful and patient. And the hour also calls for informed and courageous individuals to boldly speak and live the truth, as you both do so passionately.
    Erin L. Bottger
    Montgomery, Alabama

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