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Hunter’s Millions, China’s Tentacles, and How They Fought WWI

For the weekend episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc take on the Maui fire, Hunter’s millions, the news about China, the battlefield and legacy of WWI, and to plant or not to plant a field.

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8 thoughts on “Hunter's Millions, China's Tentacles, and How They Fought WWI”

  1. The British Expeditionary army was a bit of surprise to the Germans. If England hadn’t sent their army, it is unlikely the French and Belgians would have stopped the German flanking motion, the race to the sea, in the fall of 1914. The war might well have ended rather quickly in favor of the Germans.

    The failure of the British Navy to storm the Dardanelles is an example of the incompetence and rot that had taken root in the senior leadership. They failed to sweep the mines in the lower reaches after taking a handful of casualties in the converted fishing boats (trawlers) tasked with clearing the Ottoman minefield. Pausing after the first failed effort, the Ottomans took advantage of the situation and succeeded in planting a new and very effective mine field.

    Also, the war cabinet notes revealed that Churchill was not the author of Gallipoli, but he was willing to be the front man. And keeping Russia supplied with war material as well as facilitating the export of Russian grain were critical. The history of the 20th Century swung on the deaths of a few untrained volunteers who hadn’t been properly trained and led in the mine sweeping effort.

  2. I have a healthy debate with my brother over many things. He is convinced that among other things (including CO2 is going to kill us all) that the government is the source of ALL innovation. This idea to me is so absurd, that I cannot even mount an argument, because it seems so ridiculous, but I have seen several articles on the subject seem to support his claim. I listen to your podcast every day, and it would be amazing to hear your thoughts on the ridiculous idea, and give me some ammo for our next debate. Love the show Victor, its a beacon of rational truth in a sea of bs

  3. Thomas O’Brien

    VDH, Merrick Garland did not weaponize the DOJ. It was already weaponize! You should know this to be true.

  4. Wondering if it’s possible to get a transcript of your discussion about World War I — or do you have something written (article or book) that covers the points you brought up. I learned so much, especially the cultural aftershocks of the war. Would love to have that text to refer to from time to time. Thanks!

  5. Evidently, the response to the Great War was seen in poetry, novels, sexuality, architecture, and patriotism.

    Also, perhaps theological liberalism was being accepted in the seminaries in the early 20th century. A disbelief in the Bible as inerrant was occurring in America which would lead to the loss of a biblical doctrine and practice. I am wondering how much a change in Christian teaching affected seminaries, future pastors, churches, and denominations.

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