9 thoughts on “How to Balkanize a Country”

  1. Haley and Pompeo are neoconservatives, Daniels is a Zombie conservative and Banks is a populist.

    Therefore, Haley and Pompeo are unacceptable, Daniels is only acceptable for election in red or purple states, and Banks deserves 100% base AND donor support and the full, no-quarter, flamethrower backing of all right wing media.

    That means you, Fowler and Hanson. No more taxes on the middle class for the Woke state. Make those who have profited the most from globalization — the rich and the Woke NGOs — pay for revitalizing Middle America.

  2. Professor Hanson please remain composed in these interviews and leave the outrage to people like myself. Trust me I get enraged enough for both of us.

    Just when you believe change will happen, the left and at times the right, come up with more stupid and in many ways racist programs to hold back entire groups of people.
    Let’s give reparations to minorities but on the condition that the ones receiving reparations NEVER took a dime off the government though the welfare and Snap systems. Or make it available only to family units with 2 parents in the household who remain below the poverty level.
    Such conditional requirements might be something the entire nation could get behind as a helping hand and not just a hand-out.

  3. Why do you dare to equate “Italians” with Syrians? What a worthless comment. I could add more to this, but I need to keep this short.You are weak in certain areas; and while we are on the subject, do you really believe in the six million myth? That was a proven falsehood 35- 40 years ago. Perhaps, in your disjointed logic, the books by men like Harry Elmer Barnes, Professor Arther Butz et al who wrote on the subject, would be considered “worthless” as you might say.
    So, you say that Spaniard, Portuguese, and British merchants were involved in shipping slaves to America, but you ignored Jewish merchants?
    Yes, we all know that you are protecting your job, or your precious reputation.
    I don’t blame you. Being in your shoes, I’d watch my words too.
    When it comes to Italians, please leave your shallow comments to yourself.

    1. Who are you to speak for all Italians? If you love your country and it’s people, it is better to acknowledge their faults and strive to mend them than to cover them over with conspiracy theories. A man who sees his beloved mother going over a cliff warns her! He does not waste time pretending to others that the cliff is not there.

  4. Bravo to Dr. Hanson for declaring that which has been forbidden.
    Now, let’s tackle inbreeding (consanguinity) in the Muslim world and its deleterious results.

  5. The whole scam of racism will never end until ALL the tickboxes on the admissions forms and aplictions are simply removed. No tickboxes to indicate white, black, hispanic native american, purple, or any other “class”. Until that data is removed from the entire application/qualification process this insanity will continue.
    The FACT this nonsense persists is that those with their hands on the reins don’t WANT it that way. Follow the money trail.

  6. I listened with interest for comments on Nikki Haley. I’m not sure I would have confidence in her running for the nation’s highest office. Haley was a member of the Boeing Board during the worst time in our history during the 737MAX troubles. The next thing I knew, she was no longer on the Board. This was a time when Boeing really needed leadership and might have been able to benefit from hers if she had stayed. Instead, it looks to me as if she ‘got out of the kitchen’ to prevent a possible stain on her image. If given the chance, I would really like to ask what were the circumstances that caused her to leave the Board of Directors at Boeing.

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