How the Public Can Boycott Campus Fascism

By Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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4 thoughts on “How the Public Can Boycott Campus Fascism”

  1. Your on the right track but until the big donors boycott, by not donating the funds for these expensive exercise in hubris it will not change.

  2. (part ii)
    Fascism blazed the trail for Hitler by setting an authoritarian example for him in Italy. Fascist of course comes from the Italian word meaning group. Fascism emphasizes the importance of the state rather than the individual, like communism, but does not call state ownership of property. Therefore in Fascism is justified in starting the boycott, the public can cite through football and basketball programs’ while lack of diversity and proportional ethnic, gender, and racial representation along with their propensity statistically to be cited for campus sexual violence at a higher rate than true of the campus in general; and the dire need to address the disparate impact of their recruitment and scholarship policies. As well as their privileged immunity from the rules about class attendance, exams, and grading that apply to the rest of the student body or the motto “Believe, obey, fight” and the latter, “The Country Is Nothing Without Conquest.”

  3. Why will foreign families and students spend tremendous sums to provide a “quality” education at a prestigious US university? Our American system and society are currently well represented overseas by graduates of our university and college education system. This has been and still is one of America’s strongest and most pervasive influence for modern and functioning commercial and political countries. But as our university and research system becomes weaker daily, who will continue to support and respect it? If we teach the ineffective policies of European socialism, there will be no reason to attend our universities. It’s not hard to see growing aspects of impending failure of the American higher education system. The first and most notable aspect is the increasing cost with no corresponding increase in value. And remember: they pay full freight!

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