Horrors and Atrocities and our Universities

In this first episode of 2024, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk over Trump excluded from the Maine ballot, Blinken-Mayorkas seeking amnesty, “Dr” Gay and the “disservice” done her, the horrors of Oct. 7 and the left’s support, the portrait on “The Blade of Perseus” and the modern painter after the Classical tradition.

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15 thoughts on “Horrors and Atrocities and our Universities”

    1. Just search in your favorite podcast player for “Victor Davis Hanson” and follow his show. You don’t have to use the website (unless that’s all you have).

  1. VDH & Thomas Sowell need added to Mt.Rushmore!would like to start a petition for such a national project…have no clue how to go about this endeavor though!

  2. Victor, you said that you sat 4 hours for John Pecks’s portrait, yet it looks identical to the photo you included. Did he not do the painting from the photo?

  3. Carolann Michayluk

    X……if you will…..you do not twit. You X now. Say X, out loud, three times, and that should do it.

    1. thebaron@enter.net

      We didn’t “twit” before, it was a tweet.
      And though Musk is brilliant, not every idea he has is brilliant. “X” is a dumb brand name.

      1. Marge Desiderio

        Good answer Jack, hope it puts an end to the nitpicking. Country is going to hell in a hand basket and that’s what we have to be concerned about.

  4. Perhaps Constitution Week should be held in all schools. When children reach a certain age, they ‘sign a constitution’ as a kind of introduction to citizenship.

  5. Victor, you stated it was weird Shenna Bellows is trying to remove Trump from the Maine ballot because she knows it will get overturned. They are probably trying to get the case in front of the SCOTUS. With Democrats, everything is about advancing their political power. They know SCOTUS will overturn it, then they can use that decision to try to drive public opinion against the court. Delegitimize it in the eyes of the voters. Obtain more Senate seats and turn the court back Progressive.

    1. Maybe someday but not this year or the next 4. He needs to establish his political bona fides. Trump was a known entity and his political views, as in America First, was evident before 2015.

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