Homeless, Illegal Immigrant Policy Failures, Election Oil Policy Covered Up

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss Ronna McDaniel hired at MSNBC, Newsom’s Prop 1 and California’s homeless, governor Abbot’s immigration policy changing Left politics, buffering oil production for an election, Candice Owen’s current career, and GOP congressman stepping down before their term is up.

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4 thoughts on “Homeless, Illegal Immigrant Policy Failures, Election Oil Policy Covered Up”

  1. We in Australia are going down a similar path. We have a left wing government who have no idea about borders, how energy is produced and where our country’s wealth comes from which is natural resources. We are a flat country with limited water and hydro capacity and lots of coal. People want coal out but we export lots but want to shut down our coal power but and ban hate nuclear. It’s like AOC and the Dems are down here. We just had a “fact check” on one of our great inventors who said no country was 100% renewable. The fact check said Bhutan , Albania, Nepal and Paraguay were. All with GDP per capita less than $7000 and down to $1300 vs Australia at $65000. They don’t get where the growth comes from ? I’m a massive fan VDH. Would love your view on MacArthur vs Eisenhower who’s best?

    1. thebaron@enter.net

      Yours is another example to illustrate what The Smartest Man in the Room once told us: Elections have consequences. Even allowing for what happened here with our elections and the laws that define them, these Leftists were voted in. There are several reasons, but mostly because they say what people in the West want to hear. They tell us we can have paradise on earth, at no cost. That plays to the worst, weakest parts of human nature.
      It will be very, very difficult to recover, if we can even stop them, without some cataclysm taking place first.
      We are societies made up mostly of overgrown children, at precisely the time we need adults.

  2. Sorry, Jack Fowler, please limit your commentary and give us more of VDH. I paid the membership to listen to VDH…

  3. thebaron@enter.net

    “Biden did run a business, he ran Big Guy Enterprises!”

    That’s a good one, Jack! I’m going to use that one. I’m laughing still, as I write this.

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