VDH Shares Lessons From the Midterms

Lessons learned from the 2022 midterm elections.

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7 thoughts on “VDH Shares Lessons From the Midterms”

  1. I stayed on to listen to the author/editor of a new book, What’s Next – Western Civilization at a Cross Road. The author mentioned the upper classes mimicking the lower class’s behaviors is an indication of the civilization’s decline. Thank you Democrats, Hollywood, San Francisco, the universities. I also saw in the news, 7 million men at prime working age (25-54) not participating in the work force. Thank you GOP, greedy capitalist, naive free market lovers for shipping American manufacturing jobs oversea. Actually, any jobs that can be shipped oversea had been, and will be.

  2. Your suggested message the GOP should have promoted in 2022 reeks of the Dead Consensus that conserved nothing, Dr Hanson.

    Anwar. Keystone. Leases. Backward-Looking investigations. A balanced budget amendment. Everything for business (donors) including austerity and nothing for the voters. The benefits will trickle down to them, supposedly.

    You are a Haley Barbour, “good bidniz climate” conservative.

    The GOP should have promised a new top income tax rate of 90% on all gross incomes above $5 million. That would have won them the support of VOTERS.

  3. When Trump was running for re-election he promised blacks what he termed the Platinum Plan, an economic development package totaling $500 billion. Yes, for blacks, a group that hated him and voted overwhelmingly against him.

    Why do conservative politicians never promote such federal largesse for whites? You remember whites — they make up 90% of Republican voters. Why no Platinum Plans for the Rust Belt? No direct cash payments to the sufferers of opioids from Big Pharma?

    Think that might swing an election the GOP’s way?

    Maybe because Republicans don’t do those things explains why they only get 58% of the white vote, while the Democrats get such a larger share of the black vote.

    Help your friends and hurt your enemies is a good rule for political success. You and the GOP believe the opposite.

    No wonder it’s called the Stupid Party.

  4. I just joined and paid , but I do not seem to have access to the article or podcast though I have access to the comments. Can someone suggest what obvious thing I am apparently missing. Thank you.

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