Gaza Negotiations and Terrorizing the American Electorate

Join Victor Davis Hanson in this news roundup with Sami Winc as cohost to examine the Gaza negotiation debacle, hostages home to Israel, protests in the streets amplify, California’s deficit also increasing in magnitude, and the hard left pundits try to terrorize the American electorate with unfounded accusations.

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9 thoughts on “Gaza Negotiations and Terrorizing the American Electorate”

  1. James Wernecke

    Victor, as you of course know things that cannot go on forever will not. We are at that point now but how these crazy things end is unknown. Logical discussion is not possible with today’s political adversaries. These people will go scorched earth as they are refuted for what they are doing. No one knows what it may look like and we do not have a way to prepare. We can prepare to pick up the pieces later and maintain situational awareness in the meantime. Does your classical knowledge give any foresight here?

  2. Victor, Sami,
    I commend you for working through your illnesses to bring us another great show. Sami, you did right by the listener to get a response to her excellent question. Like all your listeners and readers, I want you to continue broadcasting and publishing for many years to come. For this reason, I’m compelled to urge you to review the work published by the scholars I have listed below before you take any more pharmaceuticals. Please don’t dismiss this advice without due diligence.
    Thank you, get well, and may God bless you both and Jack too.
    Ref: Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Sam Bailey, Dr. Stefan Lanka, and Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

  3. Charles Carroll

    Dr. Hanson critiqued President Trump for saying that Milwaukee is a bad city. What was the basis of that assertion. The liberal station that claimed it cited an unidentified source. President Trump did say that the city has a crime problem; which it does. Please don’t contribute to the Democrat gas lighting.

    1. this is incorrect. Democrat operatives where gaslighting 100% Trump was specifically discussing “how bad Milwaukie handles mail in balloting” the context was discussion of “bad areas that need more pole watchers and lawyers” a 2 minute search will show you the full context and discussion

  4. William Terry

    If I recall correctly, on Fox News, it was stated that the newsperson who accused Trump of bad mouthing Milwaukee said that Trump did this during the closed door meeting with Republican Senators. The senators related, however, that Trump did not denigrate the city during their interaction. But what do they know, they were only the first-hand observers of the facts in dispute, and to doubt the voracity of said reporter is heretical and downright un-American It would be just another case of right wing disinformation, unfairly casting doubt on the journalistic ethics of a righteous purveyor of the truth. Certainly, nothing like this has ever occurred in the past when reporting on Trump‘s statements. It is accurate because the person said cross my heart and hope to die after saying it.

    1. FOX will do Trump no favors its why I no longer tune in to FOXNEWS.. Ill watch Guttfeld or Charles/Maria on FB but thats it.., Trump DID NOT disparage Milwaukie, He took umbrage with “the way Milwaukie handle mail in voting” specifically.. The Legacy “media” are disgusting and a bigger problem then the corrupt politicians, The media was the last check to a tyrannical political elite ruling class and has now been weaponized against us serfs

  5. Professor Hanson, you might want to look into Oregano oil. I use soft gels from a company called Zane. Bought it on Amazon.

  6. If only Fauci, EcoHealth, and the conspirators could be repeatedly infected with Covid, there would be some justice.

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