From Ukraine to California

Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc about the Ukraine crisis and California’s crises. They finish with J.K. Rowlings and the culture wars.

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7 thoughts on “From Ukraine to California”

  1. I was deeply disappointed…Dr. Hanson seemed to write off Ukraine as so over-corrupt that we shouldn’t invest too much in them-hope he is OK that the USA sends them anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons (and now Germany too thank goodness). Their President has chosen to stay and fight; this hardly seems the action of a corrupt man. Perhaps Dr. Hanson meant some of the former leaders? One former President has also remained in Kiev to fight. It just seems a time to encourage the Ukrainian people; they are exhibiting such great courage. Putin has to totally lose this; Ukrainians drove his puppet President out 8+ years ago; if we help them further weaponize then hopefully they have a chance to wear the Russians down. I hope Putin get assassinated because of defeat here.

  2. Hello Victor Davis Hanson,

    Thank you, and just want to let you know on a personal level do not underestimate the spiritual level and extreme toughness of the holy Russia. I grew up afraid of my grandmother from Belarus in Chicago. Men are not as nice as you in Chicago or Eastern Europe in my experience.

    Thank you,

  3. Maybe off topic here but as I was listening to an interview Dr. Hanson had with a young lady, the title was “How the West was Lost”, Dr. Hanson stated that the democrat party is the party of the very wealthy and the very poor while the republican party was the party of the moderate poor, middle class and moderate wealthy (not exactly his words but you get the divisions).
    It occurred to me that Biden and the democrats may agree with this division and in tanking the economy, the very poor group will increase significantly thereby increasing democrat voters. Could the democrats be despicable enough to the point of hatching such a plan?

    I do not have any statistics to project how this may play out in November but if the democrats once again be seen as the party of subsidies to the poor, this may help them retain one chamber of Congress or at least not get the red tsunami currently being forecast.

  4. I assume this link represents the textus receptus and not the Syriac variant with all the hls.

    I liked Victor’s handling of the Dark Ages in this podcast. It made me think that at the same time the west was falling apart, the Byzantines were putting land under the plow in Syria that is deserted today but each village needed towers and forts to defend it. The Medievals invented superior crop rotation, the cam shaft, and built cathedrals that Hadrian and his pumpkins couldn’t dream of and yet couldn’t maintain the aqueducts and roads. Silicon valley is the same way. They’re capable of incredible advances piecemeal, but can’t create a system that brings broad benefits to the masses in CA. It’s not a matter of beurocracy, because the Romans didn’t have a beurocracy to speak of. There’s some other element that was lacking until the Protestant Reformation and the Industrial Revolution (thank you Puritans!). Hmmph!

    1. Oops! Looks like the Syriac variant has been palimpsest. There goes Geoffrey of Tubin. Alas, there are no Housmans living to repair the remaining corrupt texts. Difugere nives…

  5. Professor Hansen, do you ask Sami and Jack to keep the conversations short? Ive listened to every podcast and im always frustrated once you get going they rug you lolol of course I understand if you have time commitments but im sure all the folks like I that dont miss a show would love longer rants lolol godbless all great work as always

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