From Top-Down Anti-Semitism to City Mayors’ Pleas to Close the Border

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the anti-Semitism found in the Democratic Party and universities, colleges with a classic inductive curriculum, corporations find woke can mean broke, the evidence demonstrating Islamophobia not as bad a anti-Semitism, and pleas by city mayors who need Biden to stop the flow of illegals.

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4 thoughts on “From Top-Down Anti-Semitism to City Mayors' Pleas to Close the Border”


    I learn something new with each podcast, whether directly related to the topic or something else.

    Today, it’s “white-shoe”, as in “white-shoe law firm”. I never heard that term before, but found it originated in the white bucks stylish Harvard students used to wear a hundred years or so ago. (today, they’d consider white bucks racist).

    As a language major, these things fascinate me!

  2. Hi, Victor is the best. I listen to him every night at three in the morning while I get ready for bed. His soothing and smart commentary helps me be at peace with the crazy world. The only issue is on Saturday there is no episode. It feels like a part of me is missing. Anyways, victor likes to talk about the past, and I like to predict the future. Do you think the world will be different in 75 years like it was from ww2 to now? I mean in the societal level. We used to be a bunch of strong hardworking men. But now we are weak sauce, me included. I’m just wondering if your knowledge of the past will tell you if there is hope for the future. Thank you.

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