From Taipei to Tampa Bay

Join Victor Davis Hanson in a news roundup for the week with cohost Sami Winc: Pelosi’s trip, Mckinney Fire, Ron DeSantos, Bill Barr, Breonna Taylor and the United Autoworkers leadership.

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13 thoughts on “From Taipei to Tampa Bay”

  1. You should be taking the most effective medication, IVERMECTIN. I have IVERMECTIN and could forward it to you overnight Monday, it is said to end long-haulers in three days. I also have the only Newtonian presentation of the Intergration of Freedom.🔭

    1. In my humble opinion, one’s vaccination status is likely related to “long covid”. It may be time to start making a distinction between long covid and long term and irreparable vaccine damage. I get it, no one who made the choice to get vaccinated seems to be able to admit that they made a ( possibly horrible and life altering) mistake.

    2. It’s terrible hearing Mr. Hanson’s “long covid”. It really is.

      Mr.Hanson can perform a scientific experiment. After weeks and weeks of his terrible struggle, he could take it and report.

      If his long covid does in fact go away in three days, he would be aware how this whole covid thing really is intended; Because they have intentionally berated the nobel prize winning drug.

      Thanks for posting.

  2. How long? How long must I continue to hear Bill Barr referred to in much the same way neocons referred to the now-disgraced-and-revealed-to-be-corrupt Robert Mueller during the shampeachment? In case you have forgotten, Barr was the head of the “dirty, rotten, stinking, corrupt DOJ” while the federal machine under him destroyed a president, lied, and imprisoned- AND IS STILL HOLDING AS POLITICAL PRISONERS – “buffoonish” January 6 attendees, resulting in some of their deaths. This failure or refusal to acknowledge the absolute and disgusting corruption, not to mention lawlessness, of the execrable Barr is baffling to me. How can we move forward honestly while not correctly naming those who are part of the problem? I implore you to stop participating in the “Marques de Queensbury” behavior that led us to this disaster.

    1. Barr’s a dunce. Have a nice day. Reminds me of my former VP, DC of reckless dove hunting fame. Have a nice day from So Cal, AKA, once part of the United States/

  3. Victor and Sami. How about a session or two about the Great Reset and the lefts attempt to destroy freedom going back the early last century. Are we seeing them win?

    1. In answer to your question, yes. And we are letting them. I don’t know what the solution is, but I cannot help but vividly remember life in America before these last few years, and whatever we have become is something twisted and horrible. From The Shining City to the Harlot of Babylon. Sorry for handing out Black Pills.

  4. We are in a period of decay and destruction. The Dems are the absolute cause and there’s basically no solution. They have position for life when FDR destroyed term limits. The founders never intended anybody to stay that long at office.

  5. Mickey Obermire

    Have you read Battle for the American Mind by Pete Hegseth? It recommended teaching the classics to younger children to build their reasoning skills. It was a great read.

  6. Victor, I wonder if Donald Trump has damaging evidence of the overthrowing of our government and is using it to protect himself from being murdered?

  7. Victor & Sami,

    One picky comment: The correct spelling of Florida’s Governor, Got bless him and his effors against wokism taking hold in Florida, is Ron DeSantis, not DeSantos. The good news is that he will make a great U.S. President at a time when we need someone like him most; the bad news is that Florida will lose a great and bold governor. As a professor emeritus at the University of South Florida, I can attest to how DeSantis has stopped the inclucation of CRT and Marxism across our entire educational system, even its medical schools (see the recent raticle by Heather Mac Donald in the summer issue of CityJournal about how our national medical education system has been corrupted and made impotent by adopting CRT).

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