From Pence to Palin

Join with Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler take on Mike Pence’s “Freedom Agenda,” Kamala and Joe’s speaking gaffes, Democrat’s declining constituency, Putin’s outcome after Ukraine, and Sarah Palin back in the fray of politics.

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3 thoughts on “From Pence to Palin”

  1. Michael Dorsey

    A quick Question Mr. Hanson.
    Please. Do you think, the globalists in this revolution, are playing a similar roll, as were the Jacobin’s and Bolsheviks, in the French and Russian revolutions?

  2. Charles Carroll

    Two disparate points:
    1. I believe that painting an easily grasped picture is among the best ways of making a point. Vis-a-vis electric vehicles, picture a hurricane about to hit Miami. the mayor and governor warn everyone to leave. hundreds or thousands of cars head north. 300 miles later hundreds or thousands of EVs arrive in Jacksonville needing a recharge. Envision that. And believe me, my father-in-law who lives off U.S. 1 north of Jacksonville has witnessed “endless” streams of cars escaping forecasted hurricanes in the past. They stream by for hours. These will have to recharge for hours and the late arrivers won’t be able to use radios, GPS, heaters, etc. which consume electricity while they wait on heroic lines.
    2. Relative to Russia and its military — I was assigned to Washington, D.C. in 1989 and a Marine friend attending the War College made a trip to the decomposing USSR. He came back laughing, saying that they characterized the USSR/Russia as “Bangladesh with bombs”. He also noted that Russian companies might only share 30-40 common words among the soldiers. Not just dialects, completely different languages. 30-40 words might be enough to drill and march in parades but it is insufficient to transmit and coordinate tactical maneuvers.

  3. Another outstanding podcast from two of my favorite people in the world.
    I always say about Jack Fowler that like Sara Lee, nobody doesn’t love Jack Fowler, a kind, smart, and real person in a world of fake and snakes.
    And anyone one who doesn’t revere Victor Davis Hanson is unworldly or an idiot.
    Two great men. These podcasts are never to be missed. I have yet to hear a bad one.
    As for Sarah Palin, I adored her then and I adore her now. I was on that NR cruise and we went to visit the Governor’s house to see if we could get a peek. A gorgeous woman answered the door. It might have been Palin herself. We didn’t know her then. She apologized greatly to these two nobody impertinent tourists and said I would invite you in for a chat but I am preparing to entertain some people. Could that have been the NR people? Could it have been the governor herself? I do believe it was.
    I loved Palin so much from hearing her ideas before McCain chose her. I told my liberal gentleman friend that if McCain does not choose Palin as his VP, he will lose big time. My friend laughed at me. Nobody knows her. I said they should and will some day. When McCain chose Palin, my friend was stunned. How did you know? I told him didn’t. I simply said McCain is not the ideal candidate and if he did not choose Palin, he would lose handily. I always hated that McCain did not treat her well. He did not deserve to win.

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