From Military Recruitment to Environmental Protection

Join Victor Davis Hanson and his cohost Jack Fowler in a discussion of military recruitment, Hunter’s laptop, attacks on governor DeSantis, and the Supreme Court’s decision limiting the reach of the Environmental Protection Agency.

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5 thoughts on “From Military Recruitment to Environmental Protection”

  1. I have to wonder, since the global elitists take such a long view, if Bush’s 2 lost wars were nothing more than an intentional grist-mill for 2 generations of American citizen patriots that were initially moved by 9/11. Add vax mandates and cult-like ideological mandates, and tge effect is complete. Both of the professor’s theories are true. The military has become a revolutionary one, and at the same time there is a dearth of citizen patriots serving, as well as 2 missing generations of fighting men at home. How convenient in many ways for our masters.

    1. Desantis isn’t polling higher than Trump. Everyone across the board likes to underestimate him and slander him I’m various ways. Even Victor. I heard him say that Trump should be giving the American people a sort of list of things he wants to do in the future to take us out of this destructive path we’re on instead of the previous election and the fraud involved.
      Well, days later, i actually sat and watched a full Donald Trump speech and he did just that.
      Now I have no reason to believe Trump hasn’t been doing this all along. Also, his strategy here is grassroots. Get into the local elections and save America from the inside out. And it’s damn working. Desantis’ strategy is working as well. But I’m sick of just around every corner, just trashing Trump and his efforts.
      I respect Victor, but I’m here to tell you that he doesn’t seem to have his ears to the ground when it comes to Trump. Maybe he needs to actually watch a CENSORED Trump rally and try to understand the reality of the situation when it comes to trump.

  2. The Dems wouldn’t have flip-flopped on Iraq and Afghanistan so quickly during Bush’s tenure if they saw long-term gain in keeping the war going. Biden’s Afghanistan debacle was the long-delayed end of there policy in those two wars.

  3. Gareth D. Noren

    Thank you Victor, all rounds on target. When conscription ended in 1973, the Army began recruiting an all-volunteer Army from the top 5% of mental, moral and physical categories of eligible men and women. Active Army strength (which doesn’t include the National Guard and Reserve) in the late 80’s was over 780,000; we’re less than half that now. Add the ARNG and USAR and it’s a bigger challenge. VB, GDN

  4. Barbara Humphreys

    The two rules of the customer: the customer is always right; and, if the customer is wrong, reread rule #1. If you are a military recruiter, the customer is the recruit. I’d say the customer has just spoken.

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