From India to California

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc who discuss a white manager winning $25 million in Starbucks’ suit, Tucker’s rant on dictators, India’s role in international affairs, Adam Schiff’s censure, Senate Bill 553 in California, Cornel West and Francis Suarez enter the 2024 race, and the movie Tar.

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6 thoughts on “From India to California”

  1. charles zielinski

    Thank God for Victor! Every American needs to hear his perspectives! Our government has continuously kicked the can down the road for decades, now it’s corrupted with globalists making a global play. Our USA is in their cross hairs. If he hasn’t already endorse President Trump!

  2. Thomas O'Brien

    I find Cornell West a joke.

    He seems to relish in his convoluted presentation of ideas. He is so impressed by it. I believe he believes the more convoluted he can present an idea, the more intelligent and erudite he appears to his audience.

    Wrong! — at least for me.. His style is the exact opposite, as in 180 degrees opposite, as the great Thomas Sowell’s.

  3. Noah Rothman has a long form article on Modi’s visit over at NRO for those who want to prep for Uictor’s debrief.

  4. .”….they are not MAGA people…they are Hispanic.” – Victor

    Little phase like this divide the people, especially coming from the good professor.

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