From Feminism to Twitter

Victor Davis Hanson cohost Jack Fowler discussion the 60th anniversary of “The Feminine Mystique,” the transformation of American parties, and Elon Musk’s new Twitter enterprise.

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8 thoughts on “From Feminism to Twitter”

  1. Up until the Presidential Election Act of 1845, the Federal Election Season (not Day) was 34 days from the First Tuesday after the First Monday in November until the first Wednesday in December. The November Tuesday was probably chosen because people had to travel for up to a day to get to their polling places, Sunday was not an option, Wednesday was Farmer’s Market Day, and early November was a reasonably mild season after the harvest had been completed.

  2. Domestic Tranquility a book by the attorney Carol Graglia about the importance of women and the home talks about this very subject and helped me find balance as a mother first then professional

  3. 9n the subject of Barack Obama’s climate-change denying land purchase in Hawaii: I disliked him already for a myriad of reasons, but his purchase of, subsequent destruction of, and Rome-conquering-Carthage like historical scrubbing of, what was once the famed “Robin Masters Estate” from the original “Magnum, P.I.” ( the trash they tried as a reboot is just that, trash ) demands my hatred forever. Call me conspiratorial, but I am just a few years younger than Barry, and I grew up in the 80s wanting nothing more than a loaned Ferrari and a guest house under Higgin’s rule. I have no doubt that Barry bought the property and destroyed it on purpose, as it was a cultural icon in Hawaii and for his generation, but much too white.

  4. I just love to listen to your “story-telling,” which happens to be about Hillary and Obama. I just have to try to translate the best observations for my Italian husband. He is good at tuning out, after surviving the Trump ascendancy! I do thank you for keeping so much of us sane with your mellifluous delivery of such crazy content!

  5. Victor is so wrong on his view of feminism and the family with a gynocentric anti male view coupled with a (male Chauvinist) chivalrous woman view so prevalent today. Female promiscuity wasn’t unleashed by abortion (which was supposed to be legal and RARE) but primarily by the birth control pill followed by other birth control methods directed towards women. When females developed the sexual ethos of the male it allowed them to choose partners based upon sexual desire and not, as had historically been done, a good compassionate provider. This gave the “cad” a step up and alienated responsible man to the 2nd string.

    The portrayal of a woman being talked into getting an abortion by a man is nothing less than feminist hypocritical gynocentric dogma, it’s her choice but his fault she got it. The combination of female birth control and abortion on demand meant that woman had ALL the reproductive rights while men were given NONE and inversely women had no reproductive responsibility while men still do. Men who wanted a child could have it aborted without his permission and inversely a man who didn’t want to be a father could be forced into that role, at a minimum financially for the next 21 years. Ironically both fo these are true for married men who can suffer an abortion against their will yet are held responsible for a child, even if it is the product of infidelity on her part (an antiquated requirement in this day and age of DNA to prove paternity).

  6. Additionally, this view of Feminism is based upon your experience at colleges and universities and the application of generalizations of men and women don’t hold across economic brackets, areas of the country, and among different races. Johnson’s “war on poverty (to get the N***** vote for Democrats) created dependency on government by subsidizing “single mother” homes which they would like to extend cradle to grave, in the Life of Linda.

    When government expenditures increased they created the “deadbeat dad” myth and went after poor fathers to replenish government coffers under Title IVd of the Social Security Act and named it “child support” to hide its true intention. When collections failed (poor fathers don’t have money) the program extended into divorced and separated fathers (those already providing for their children both emotionally and financially) to show the system a success.

    The acceptance of “single mother” homes, government subsidizing them, and defining a good father as one who pays his child support on time and in full is destroying the family driven by the choices of women and the “rights” but with no responsibility for their decisions for daddy government will take care of all (except men and boys of a certain age).

  7. VDH, Iove your columns and podcasts. You’re an American treasure! Edmund Kemper- Maybe it’s the macabre in me, but in your discussion on feminism and UC-Santa Cruz, I wondered if you were a student during the coed killing spree? If so, any reflection on the atmosphere on campus during the time? Feminism – free love, take risks, hitch hike – helped create a perfect climate for a monster to prey.

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