From Elon Musk’s Twitter to Biden’s Inflation

Listen to Victor and Sami as they talk about Elon Musk, The Democratic Party, and the crisis of rising inflation.

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3 thoughts on “From Elon Musk's Twitter to Biden's Inflation”

  1. Mike Willner

    I believe the majority of Americans favored Trump over Biden in 2020 regardless that the Dems owned social media, mainstream media, academia, professional sports, and Hollywood, yet Biden won because of ballot harvesting and corrupt election officials. Given that you predict a tsunami of Republican votes in the midterms, why don’t you think the election rigging by the Dems in 2020 won’t be duplicated in the midterms to such an extent that they will preserve their power in the House and Senate?

    1. I don’t thin a majority favored Trump in 2020. Trump was an abrasive figure which was then amplified over the top by a complicit media. So there was a lot of dislike for Trump. On the other hand Biden had NOTHING to recommend him. He only won because he wasn’t Trump. There may have been ballot harvesting and other irregularities in 2020, but I don’t think to the level required to turn the election. Instead Trump lost (Biden didn’t win, just got into office by default). There may be more shenanigans in 2022 but I think it is minor enough that the reds will shellac the blues. I guess time will tell.

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