From Defeating the Left to Lab Rats

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about current events: Trump-McConnell scuffle over election support, elections in Brazil and Israel, and the cruel policies of the “caring,” elite, educated Left.

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7 thoughts on “From Defeating the Left to Lab Rats”

  1. To be fair to Mitch, I think he wanted to avoid a Republican civil war like the one the Democrats just had that put the Progressives in power. A Republican civil war would be a far more bloody and inconclusive affair and would have serious repercussions in terms of blocking the dems for the next two years as well as the 2024 Presidential Election.

  2. Biden has allowed the Vandals to destroy Rome. Our best hope is for a Justinian-Belisarius reimagining of the U.S. in 2025, for this to happen the future of the Republican party must be DeSantis-Vance.


    great show… thanks… so refreshing to hear excellent analysis of the world at large…
    I especially appreciated Victor’s understanding of Israeli politics and global impact… I voted for Bibi (which means grandma in Swahili) in this past election… I believe he is the only one with the smarts and experience to get us through this shifting and twisting year… and this horrific and imbecilic administration.. in too many countries the incompetents reign…
    unfortunately the midterm election results haven’t gone as we might have wished… but it’s not done yet…

  4. Why even comment? It’s not Apple ITunes, after all, or Jack’s email. Thanks for another episode, and no I’m not a freeloader, in fact I get billed twice a month.

    1. There’s a certain informality to the comments here that I like. Have you tried emailing Jack? Throw in some Italian! Anyhow, feedback or no, you’re pretty much a fixture around here, Wes (hWes?).

  5. I like the audio format. Question: Why did Republicans win the popular vote, but continue to loose the Senate and only squeak by in the house, with a majority of RINO’s? The electorate is lazy, mail in ballots are here to stay, and cell phone voting will come. Convenience abortions may be somewhat restricted, but never eliminated. A North American Union (western hemisphere EU) is the only way to oppose the Belt@Road). The average I.Q. Is fallowing. My recently acquired Covid Brain Fog, I regret, is in full bloom. VDH PLEASE HELP!

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