Forgetting the Middle Class Is Everything

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler reveal the necessity of the middle class in their analysis of Biden’s speech and gaffes, the madness of green and other policies, the elite attitudes about a food crisis coming, and the ending of the US Marine Corps’ training.

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8 thoughts on “Forgetting the Middle Class Is Everything”

  1. Thank you for your podcast. I look forward to every new email and episode.
    I often hear anti-woke and anti progressive rhetoric in this podcast. I am definitely not a progressive, but can we have a podcast that proposes real world solutions to the income inequalities and persistent underrepresentation of minorities and women in the highest leadership positions in the US? I am a frequent listener of not only this podcast but also the Hoover Institution’s many productions and have yet to hear proposals on how we address the root causes of the worsening income inequality issues. If not through DE&I and ESG programs then what do you propose? Early education interventions and investments? Reform of public schools and expanded school choice?
    Thank you in advance. Your podcasts would probably draw a wider audience if more solutions were offered.

    1. Sharon unfortunately it seems you offer the same as the woke crowd promoting race over merit. As the son of immigrants I don’t care to see more Hispanic politicians they are like the Black politicos mainly the democratic party ones they have failed to improve inequalities in America. I don’t care for inept incompetent leadership of any color.
      As a union free educator you are correct our k-12 and university is in gross need of a transformation from seat based to project completion. You have to look for the podcasts that offers your type of solution. I like VDH comments on the challenges our country faces by the left other progressives who want to remake America along racial lines.

    2. Sharon,
      You raise the issue of income inequality. Progressives in this country have already created many ways to transfer income from the wealthy to the poor through our progressive income tax rules. But they are never satisfied. There will always be a wealth gap in a free society. Some say, “This person makes too much money”. Who decides what is too much? Free Americans don’t want government “redistributing” wealth until all Americans get “enough”. A true free market gives everyone equal “opportunity” not equal pay. That is what we should continue to work on.


      You want a suggestion to address income inequality? Here’s one: reduce the size and scope of the federal government, get it out of the marketplace, let individuals once more create businesses, jobs, and opportunities for people to apply themselves and earn more, without interference from the State. It’s unfortunate that you don’t like “anti-progressive rhetoric”, because it’s progressivism, more specifically, the idea that the State is superior to the individual, that is responsible for the mess we’re in.

  2. Charles Carroll

    Regarding the utility of current academic degrees, you may be amused, ‘though not happy, to learn that Centenary University in New Jersey announced the launch of a new degree program, a “Master of Arts in Happiness Studies.” The program, which the school said is the first of its kind, will “explore the implications of happiness for individuals, the workplace, and our broader society” and will cost students $17,700.

  3. Shadow Banned by CFP

    I almost didn’t finish high school, but I made it, since I wasn’t paying for it. I didn’t want to go to college but always thought that’s where to go. Anyhow the point is inequality will always be here, we will always have the poor, minorities SHOULD be minority represented, MAJORITIES should be majority represented; yet this Obama era obsession with race is the reaction to the obtuse Bush who was principled and morally right (quoting Prof. Hansson on that). 40% of people will vote for walking, talking, whispering, dying corpse marionette Biden no matter what and the Repubs are split between the MAGA populists and the old money establishment types (which Trump is). I hope for November if the elections occur provided another covid catastrophe lockdown house arrests doesn’t emerge.

    Undoubtedly Victor would make an excellent plumber, electrician, carpenter, but he is BETTER as a credentialed, credible speaker, educator, leading out the truth of our situation. 1972 was last time birth rate was at replacement level in USA; migration, legal or illegal, hasn’t changed that. Microplastics in the blood might. If I had enough money I wouldn’t move to California. If I was looking to earn money I wouldn’t move to California. 80% of people won’t leave California and in 40 years it will still be voting hard left.

  4. One thing is Hanson refuse to write about parts of his state not all Dem like Riverside or San Bernadino growing unlike LA where they fled to Arizona or Texas in high numbers. Yup, this is the middle class in his state.

  5. At 12:00 or so, there is a reference to replacing Kamala Harris with a useful VP.
    She would have to be removed in order to have a new VP, and a new VP nominee would face a 50-50 Senate. And Kamala wouldn’t be around to break the tie.
    We wouldn’t get a new VP; Joe would be all on his own, until Nancy pulls off another no-fault impeachment and ascends the throne.

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