Foreign Policy and Team Biden

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler to look at foreign policy issues: the new political alliances of Russia, China and countries in the Middle East, the Wagner Group, and our own military missteps.

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19 thoughts on “Foreign Policy and Team Biden”

  1. Randal Hnizdor

    Jack you’re making it hard and harder to listen to VDH’s podcast. Your intros and reading suck. You stammer over your words and take forever to get to a point. You should go back to Public Speaking 101–Be Brief, Be Brilliant, Be Gone.

    1. Don’t be too harsh on Jack. He is a creature of his environs. His writing is ok, and he serves his purpose here. More troubling is his friendship with people like Joe Scarborough. I truly believe the weakness of Mr. Fowler and his ilk has been as instrumental in our decline as the organized left. We are engaged in a once in a millenia struggle, perhaps the most consequential in history, and alleged big-brains like Mr. Fowler have failed…especially in light of their influence. Until we confront evil directly, and remove it from our presence, this battle is already lost.

      1. Randal Hnizdor

        God, Bible & Constitution. Politicians & talking heads will not save our nation. WE THE PEOPLE whom the commies fear will prevail through the work of the Lord & rounds down range.

    2. Be good.
      It’s especially good when i hear Jack get flustered with the ironic audacity of the lefties and stammers the “how the frig’n can they ….”. This little jewel of outrage uplifts my spirit, heightens the spirit, and focuses my attention. Good stuff. Lead on please….

  2. So we just back down whenever Russia, China, Iran or N. Korea threaten nukes? I don’t think that works.
    These countries need to be reminded that nuclear weapons are a two-way street.
    As for a tactical nuke in Ukraine, conventional weapons are all the response that’s necessary, as that would make Russia a pariah that not even China would want to associate with.

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