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  1. Great show as usual. Does Jack have a cold? He sounds nasal, hope everything is OK,
    we have to keep you guys going for our sanity.

  2. Anyone who wants to meet the 1619 lies empirically should read “White Cargo: the forgotten history of Britain’s White Slaves in America” by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh; two Brits. Heavily documented and footnoted, it tells the story. When I first read about it, I thought that it would be about Irish slaves, including the so-called indentured servants who typically did not live to serve out their indentures and for whom many of their contracts were simply ignored (since they were signed in England).
    Four months BEFORE the first shipment of African slaves landed in Jamestown, provided to the British by Portuguese who took them from their war in Luanda (now Angola) 97 white English children aged 8 to 16 were landed. Could 8-16 year olds reasonably enter into indentures? The British wanted to clean them from the streets of London (names provided in the book). From 1619 to 1622 300 such children were brought to Virginia. By 1624, 12 were still alive.
    One of the original black slaves from Luanda, who took the name Anthony Johnson, became a plantation owner of white adult slaves and, when one of them ran away to a neighboring white plantation owner, the colonial courts required that owner to return the white man to Johnson and made him pay for the loss of over a year’s service while the trial proceedings went on.
    Many slaves were former British soldiers; the “six pence a day heroes” who were no longer needed and whom the patricians didn’t want around. (continued)

  3. (Continuation) Cessation of the War of Austrian Succession in 1714 produced many of these. Of course Cromwell produced many male and female slaves as part of the Great Transplantation in the 17th Century. The Irish girls were shipped to Barbados and Jamaica and bred with African male slaves (Irish brogues and Gaelic are still found there).
    The first colony to make SPECIFIC PROVISION FOR SLAVES? Massachusetts (Massachusetts Body of Liberties, 1641) which said that “There shall never be any bond slavery, villinage or captivity amongst us” and then lists exceptions – prisoners of war and “such strangers that sell themselves to us or are sold to us” and anyone else “judged thereto by authority”. Note that there was no racial target or exemption in any of these transactions. The good plantation owners (including the Catholics of Maryland) wanted cheap labor in order to build personal empires.

  4. I wish the interviewer would not talk so much. I’m here to listen to VDH’s views, not the views of the interviewer.

    1. Thank you, it is not about you. Jack is Victor’s friend and they give respect to us and each other. “If you know what I mean?” –

    2. The interviewers (Jack and Sami) provide much to show, feeding Victor topics and filling in personal data which makes show more human. But I guess that is why there is chocolate and vanilla (not everyone thinks like me).

  5. Victor, I tried really hard to understand why you said grifters and swindlers like Pelosi, Newsom, Hilary, Kamala, and Obama felt “guilty” about the poor, especially the black minority, and therefore they advocate to give them free stuff, and condone their bad behaviors.

    Shouldn’t the good natural emotion towards the poors be sympathy, rather than guilt? I guess I don’t understand whether you are saying they feel guilty themselves (inward), or that they feel America is guilty, or both.

    I just think they are con artists — and the word grifters (your word) fits than perfectly.

    Many conservative commentaters had described these grifters (I LOVE THIS WORD) are well intentioned. Obviously they don’t call them grifters. They are referred to as democrats, progressives, liberals, leftists, etc.

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