Fighting the Korean War

Join the weekend edition with Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc to hear about the history of the Korean War, tales of the hired hands on the ranch, and some current politics.

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15 thoughts on “Fighting the Korean War”

  1. Trump really disappointed me in Megan’s interview. His enthusiasm for “Wrap Speed” and the release of a mandated, experimental mRNA “vaccine” was particularly troubling. He simply doesn’t have the ability to reassess his own actions. By the way, the latest research on the spike protein from MIT may explain the loss of smell and taste you experienced. Look it up.

  2. The Mig 15 was not used in the initial North Korean invasion. They appeared in November, 1950. We initially controlled the air with the Navy’s Corsair and the P-51. This ended with the introduction of the Mig 15.

  3. I don’t know how we address our two-tiered justice system with respect to Joe and Hunter. The situation is becoming worrisome to say the least, especially when common people such as many of the J6 defendants and the lawyers defending Donald Trump have now become victims of this Gestapoesque overreach.

    We currently have a presidential candidate who is being targeted with hundreds of phoney indictments of which all are intended to destroy him personally and prevent the American people from choosing who they want to be president. Conversely, we have a President and presidential candidate who is up to his ears in graft and corruption, yet is being protected by every legal contortion imaginable from a brazenly corrupt DOJ.

    I never thought we would ever regress to the corrupt and unequal Old Southern legal system, but here we are. Professor Alan Dershowitz has said that the ultra radical National Lawyers Guild has a large membership, which might explain some of the lawfare that is taking place. Our once august legal system is being degraded and used as a means to achieve political power. And there seems little, if anything at all, the American people can do about it.

    The Left are such disgusting hypocrites.

    1. Alan Dershowitz is correct. As to your last sentence:

      “And there seems little, if anything at all, the American people can do about it.”

      There is only one thing we can do and that is vote Republican in such overwhelming numbers that even the crooked Democrats cannot overtake them with their illegal ballots and other subterfuge customarily employed by them.

  4. My dear old Dad was a veteran of Inchon. He piloted an amphibious landing craft. He hated every minute of it. That was about all he ever said about it.
    RIP Pa.

  5. Thank you for discussing the Korean War. Your brief biography of Gen. Matthew Ridgway is my favorite of all the Savior Generals. His reversal of the “Great Bugout” from Korea and his will to win are the reasons we have a free and prosperous South Korea today. He is fine example of American exceptionalism that unfortunately receives little recognition.

    My wife and I just got back from the UK and Spain. We rented a car in Madrid and drove to a few towns and cities in the Southwest. My wife is an art historian, so we visited a charming little town named Fuente de Cantos. This is the birthplace of the Baroque artist Francisco Zurbaran. He’s also the subject of her dissertation. We made it to Sevilla (saw Columbus’s grave), Cordoba, and Toledo. Will definitely return to see more.

    We flew home on Delta airlines. While waiting for take-off the Captain made the usual pre-flight announcement.

    “Hello folks. I’m Captain (blank) and we’ll be taking off shortly.”

    He had a slight Southern drawl that reminded me of a college football coach. In the middle of his speech he informed us that his female co-pilot would be flying the plane for most of the trip.

    We then watched a self-congratulatory video about all the wonderful things Delta is doing to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    I honestly couldn’t care less whether the captain of the plane has tits or balls, just as long as they’re competent.

  6. Victor – All we ever hear about is how dems and the left hates Trump. I would like to hear a complete, concise list of reasons why. It is not because they don’t like his tweets or hair.
    There is something much deeper and it needs to be talked about. Limbaugh used to say that anyone who is successful at taking away the dems talking points is why they hate anyone. That may be part of it but I just keep thinking why, why, why?


      They hate Trump because by threatening to drain the swamp, and to return our foreign and economic policies to a focus on America first, the opposite of globalism, he threatened their sources of power and wealth. Before he was elected and began carrying out his policies, they loved Trump.

    2. @Linda, that’s only half the story. The GOP also hates Trump, the intellectual hates Trump, the federal government employees hate Trump, the poor hates Trump, the elites, the illegal hates Trump…the list is long!!!!

      Everyone hates Trump, except the powerless middle class, domestically; and some American Allies, internationally.

      PS. Victor probably hates Trump. But that’s between him and his God.

    3. I suggest the reason for the hate of Pres. Trump is he is a winner with the people and is most likely to win in 2024. Plus the left has no answer to the success of the economy during his presidency which emphasized less government control not more. And success in foreign affairs such as getting NATO to step up with more funding, isolating Iran, isolating Russia, and N. Korea. Plus holding China in check, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, neutralizing the Palestinian terror groups and getting the local Arab nations talking to Israel. In the cultural sphere, gave back to the left as good as they dished out taking away their talking points. To name a few items.


    Empathy, sympathy, for the Bidens?
    No. Not in any way. Not one bit.
    They are where they have always wanted to be, always schemed to get there.
    They get everything they deserve, and still haven’t gotten everything they SHOULD get.
    The only sympathy I have is for us, for our failings and for falling so far into childishness that we let this happen, over a span of 120 years. I hope that as the Bidens fall, they don’t drag us down with them, and we draw SOME lesson from all of this.
    But we probably won’t. That’s human nature.

  8. Alan Dershowitz is correct. As to your last sentence:

    “And there seems little, if anything at all, the American people can do about it.”

    There is only one thing we can do and that is vote Republican in such overwhelming numbers that even the crooked Democrats cannot overtake them with their illegal ballots and other subterfuge customarily employed by them.

  9. On modern air travel: Amen, VDH. After decades of doing the bi-coastal road warrior air travel thing, I was burned out. Flying was tolerable if not still fun through the ’90s.
    But after 911, it went downhill at warp speed. After my parents died and my need to travel for business subsided, I swore that I’d neve fly during the holidays and I didn’t care if I never took a commercial flight ever again. At least most of the people in steerage 120 years ago knew how to behave in public. Not so much anymore. And I tell anyone taking a long trip that involves a step that is a hard date, like catching a ship, meeting, party, ect, I suggest planning on arriving a day early. In efforts to make the system too efficient, airlines have eliminated all slack in the system. As you said, any minor glitch in the system causes everything to cascade, and it takes days, if not weeks for the airlines to catch up.

  10. A biblical perspective on wealth and true riches –

    Better a little with righteousness
    than great revenues with injustice.
    Proverbs 16:8

    Riches do not profit in the day of wrath,
    but righteousness delievers from death.
    Proverbs 11:4

    But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law,
    although the law and the prophets bear witness to it,
    the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe.
    For their is no distinction:
    Romans 3:21,22

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