Federal Chaos and the Absurd Left Agenda

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler for a discussion of the incoherence of Matt Gaetz’s actions, building a wall at the border now, Tucker Carlson’s reach from his new home at X, and more evidence that the Left’s agenda is indefensible.

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15 thoughts on “Federal Chaos and the Absurd Left Agenda”

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  2. The McCarthy speakership has been weak, and ineffective. Nine months and we have a few sound bites for the cameras. Where’s the Mayorkas / Wray / Garland impeachments? Where are the subpoenas on the Biden crime family? Nada. The most egregious betrayal from McCarthy was on the debt ceiling, after agreeing to his caucus that would be a negotiating point with the Biden administration, and what does he do with the only leverage he has? He sells out, pushes the ceiling uncapped, till 2025. So, despite all the hand wringing about controlling the deep state, defunding the IRS – FBI – CIA – DOJ, he capitulates to the enemy without a single scuffed knuckle. The Biden team actually bragged about the sellout, and that they hadn’t even asked for 2025. Pathetic. No single appropriations bill as required by law, and agreed with his caucus. Takes six weeks’ vacation, then its URGENT to pass a CR because, you know the government can’t shut down… Which of course leads to another Omnibus spending bill, because you know, the government can’t shut down! Then it’s into election season, and we can’t do anything to jeopardize the Rinos in swing districts… yada yada yada. End of story. Repeat as necessary, but lose nobly. And finally, Speaker McCarthy went to Pelosi? The Nancy Pelosi? One of the vilest politicians in American history, to have his back in any fight to vacate his speakership? That alone disqualifies him. And you know its true, as his minion kicked her to the curb, and out of

    1. A candid and correct assessment of the dynamics surrounding McCarthy. The House is a parliament of incompetents. How could we be worse off with term limits? It is easier to demote bureaucrats than to remove hacks.

  3. Holy smokes, this is not easy. But, i could not disagree more with the description of McCarthy and Gaetz in the first portion of the podcast. I listened to some of the eight in interviews, Eli Crane on local radio in Tucson, Tim Burchett, Biggs, and Gaetz. They were rational and made good points in their own descriptions of why they did it contrary to Peggy Noonan, e.g. Thankfully, others also hold this view described by a respondent on Robert Spencer’s site: “Gaetz exemplifies the New Guard pivoting away from the Old Guard, Uniparty, Democrat Lite types like Noonan, the WSJ and McCarthy.” To break multiple promises and also give this corrupt Admin all they wanted in the first CR makes no sense. Those who support Ms. Noonan’s defense of maintaining the status quo do not understand fly-over country citizens.

  4. I am big a fan as I am of VHD, and I must say he sounds like a RINO in this podcast. I love the man, but he is a megaphone here for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. ‘Come on man!!!’ Speak to your individualist roots (that Gaetz is championing right now!). He needs your support, not another ‘Kevin McCarthy’ Bushian diatribe. ‘Come on’ Victor, where is the edgy individualist so many have grown to love in your talks?!? Don’t give in! Don’t ever give in! BGaetz is a hero for America! You sound like Cheney’s daughter, not the farmer son of Scandinavian immigrants. Steve

  5. Hello Victor!

    It was such a pleasure meeting you on today’s American Airlines flight from Fresno to Dallas. I had hoped that we would be able to grab a photo with you once we landed in Dallas but hopefully we will have the pleasure of seeing you again on a future flight. Thank you again for all you do to try to inform our citizens and save our country. God bless you.

  6. Mr Hanson- while I love the show and your wisdom, I have to ask you to stop violating Ronald Reagan’s commandment to not speak ill of a fellow republican. It’s fair and healthy to question the wisdom of Matt gaetz and his ulterior motives in vacating McCarthy. However you go too far in referencing the slanderous accusations of ethics violations and sexual improprieties of Matt Gaetz. Doing so plays into the hands of the democrat operatives who throw these accusations out to hobble republicans.
    I remain your loyal acolyte.

  7. Great discussion on the state of our once great nation. As usual, VDH provides clarity on very area that is tearing America apart! While Kevin McCarthy was not perfect he was a voice of reason. The 8 Reps allied themselves with those who have brought chaos to every aspect of American society! Terrible! The corrupt and dishonest media is having a field day with the Republican infighting. What the hell are we doing to the conservative agenda? I would like to see a serious discussion of term limits for all Reps & senators.

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