Fanning the Flames in Ferguson

Why do only handful of such tragedies trigger national outrage?

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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11 thoughts on “Fanning the Flames in Ferguson”

  1. Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama, all racist democrats, use race division to try and win elections. The New York Times is their bullhorn.

    1. Yes, and it is extremely successful, right? The hate of Whites these racist hucksters create leads to Blacks voting DEM about 95% of the time.

  2. Proudly Unaffiliated

    The voices of racial division and hatred have a profitable business in the market. Anyone who gives them the mic to peddle their wares (for, no doubt, their own profit) is part of the problem.

  3. This feigned outrage is easily defeated by simple math. Assuming 60 out of the 6,000 lives lost to gun violence are due to police shootings (A wildly exaggerated assumption) would only yield a 1% death rate from police. Statistically insignificant when trying to address the causes of death. Using a more realistic 6 of 6,000 only yield 1/10th of one percent. This shows that the outrage and demonstration that result from these incidents have nothing to do with the incident itself, it is simply an excuse or red herring for other motives of the charlatans and protesters which the media seems more than willing to shill for.

  4. I’m really getting tired of all these idiots in the world, from the worthless barbaric Isis to the idiots rioting in Ferguson, who won’t even listen to reason or the facts of the case. This crap is getting old fast.

  5. In Class War, there is no substitute for selecting Race-Batable shootings to play the public as patsy!

    And hey, if you object, why then you must be branded “reactionary” and targeted for IRS audit or indictment!

  6. There is also the publicity for the affair stemming from the fact that this was identified as “paramilitarized police” in action. The idea is probably just. Some of the photos show long guns actually getting in the way of arrests, handcuffings etc. Billy sticks would have been much more effective.

    Frankly, the idea of giving po’ white trash advanced equipment is not a good one, and would not have occurred, I think, to earlier generations of Americans, who were careful about training and equipping the lower orders. After all, what you now have in Ferguson is heavily armed po’ white trash, along with black rabble rousers. It is doubtful that Ferguson can recover from this.

  7. Perhaps in the future, Islamists can utilize the same phrases that whites use to justify the subjugation and sanctioned murder of of blacks. They can say that Greeks killed more Greeks than did Turks, Armenians should just get over the Genocide, a young Yazidi male once robbed a store, Coptics rang their church bells too loudly, a Hindi man had smoked cannabis before he was beheaded, Israelis wore the wrong color of sweat shirt, we must respect the Rule of Sharia Law. The way that we whites treat blacks sounds and looks an awful like Dhimmitude status. In many communities in America the understanding is that whites allow blacks to live relatively unmolested so long as they are disarmed, submit to the police and any white civilian, stay in their ghettos and never engage in politics or public protest.

  8. It’s the media. While politicians will make what they can out of a situation the media create the news rather than report on it. The media gives the race hustlers something to grab hold of. When the media leaves the issue retreats to where it generally belongs.

  9. Professor, you describe quite well the primary “business model” of the Democratic/Progressive political party in America. The Blacks vote about 95% for DEM candidates. Not bad and suggestive the DEMS won’t do anything soon to alleviate the Ghetto culture of failure, shame and violence or stop the racial divisiveness that serves the DEMS so well.

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