Fake Gaza Famine, Real Ukraine Meatgrinder, and California Purgatory

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they look at the lack of data for famine in Gaza, the Ukraine War needs an answer before more die, and California policy has changed the state to a blue disaster both emergent and impending.

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7 thoughts on “Fake Gaza Famine, Real Ukraine Meatgrinder, and California Purgatory”

  1. Adrienne Wasserman

    Thank you, Dr. Hanson. I understand that while America might save herself from this nightmare of Marxism, gender confusion and the end of tolerance of “the Other”, it won’t end anti Semitism. But I certainly appreciate the support of the Righteous Gentiles. It’s crucial to the survival of the only refuge on this planet that can be relied upon to save my grandchildren, at this rate, maybe to educate them at the college level and above.
    But as an American, I ask you to note that 30% of the American Jewish voters in this nation are already registered Republicans, and in November that percentage is going to be well over 40%.

  2. Disagree – Putin did not start this war. Zelensky, who is anything but democratic broke the Minsk Accord. They say Putin is a monster, okay but what is Zelensky shelling his own people. This is Zelensky’s and USA’s war.

  3. Jack and Victor : because Elon Musk bought twitter, and changed the name to X, and the very least you can do, on behalf of showing your appreciation for being able to have this show, on his media outlet, is to pronounce his social media outlet, in it’s correct name and title : X .
    Jack, it doesn’t sound, in comnents you make, that you were raised to be disrespectful, but that is what you are being, when you disrespect the name of the social media you are broadcasting on.
    Jack, you are such an eloquent host…and then, boom, you regress to misnaming the social media outlet.
    Carol Michayluk
    not Betty, or Sonia, or Diane, or Mavis…..I am Carol.

  4. Craig Jenkins

    Assimilation is the acid test of immigration. The same assimilation by Italian immigrants took place during the 1940s & 1950s in the urban Northeast & industrial Midwest. Parents told their children to learn English & become American in order to be successful. They could speak Italian at home. Today, anything goes; people do whatever they want or feel they can get away with and play the victim role looking for a handout.

  5. Piotr Kubiczek

    Thank you very much for a great commentary. I would like to add that Russia had wars in XIX and XX Centuries that she lost: Crimean War 1853-56, Russo-Japanese War 1904-05, her participation in WW I, Polish-Soviet War 1919-21, War in Afghanistan 1979-89. Those Russian losses led to revolutions, uprisings of subjugated nations, and finally very profound changes in Russian society. One might wonder what the outcome of current Russo-Ukrainian meat grinder will be.
    Here are some ideas. I suspect Prof. Hanson might know Prof. Mark Chodakiewicz.


  6. Fortunately one can be a registered Democrat and still vote for a Republican when the candidate represents a more favorable choice.

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