Everything and Nothing or the Progressive Mind

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson talk about current events with cohost Jack Fowler: pride month and the military, AOC’s new victim status, the border, California’s water, and Trumpology.

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5 thoughts on “Everything and Nothing or the Progressive Mind”

  1. Charles Carroll

    The Lieutenant, about a Naval Academy graduate (each episode began with the covers going up), died because in 1964 the country started going sour on the military because of Viet Nam so liberal Hollywood didn’t want to touch the theme any longer.

  2. With all due respect, Jack and Victor are wrong about Georgia. Trump DID campaign for Mitch McConnell’s horrible candidates, I should know, I live there. It was disgust with the GOP – especially Kemp/RaffenSperger – that kept some voters home, and fraud that guaranteed dem victory. Do not fall into the elite’s thinking here: that Trump supporters do whatever Trump says, like leftist automatons d with their politicians. Kemp’s recent victory in the primary is meaningless, as most held their nose to vote for him out of fear of Stacy Abrams and dislike for Perdue. But hey, we’re not going to agree all the time. Empireoftruth.com

  3. Toni Criscuolo

    I think we Americans are used to wasting lots of things. Being forced to conserve water before it is dire might not be a bad idea but people are so stupid that it must be done like this

  4. The rainbow “pride” is definitely a true religion now, tolerant of anyone except those who disagree with them (including Traditional Catholicism in this month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus). Wastelands are what the leftists WANT, to reduce the food supply and therefore the population asap., since the “green” agenda is about worship of nature and gaia and pachamama as its central tenet. After the trucker convoys I knew they would never permit that again, so they raised the diesel price to be unaffordable. These people are out to destroy civilization. I don’t see how we can share a country with them?

    Prof. Hanson, I don’t know if you have tried any of these, may not be magic pills, you need to detox the engineered spike protein from the furin cleavage sites (which prove this is a manmade, artificially enhanced virus as this is absent in its natural clade). It was mild for me, though very strange flu, I had complete insomnia and impotence for couple days…


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