Equal Application of the Law?

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler on the January-6th committee, Trump’s reaction to it and his re-election possibilities, the failed assassination attempt of Justice Kavanaugh, the Left’s “justice” in general, and the recall of Chesa Boudin.

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7 thoughts on “Equal Application of the Law?”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Fowler, but more and more frequently he exposes a bit of “NeverTrumpism”. He occasionally sounds like a National Review column or a Jonah Goldberg/Bill Krystol. I do agree that Trump did much good, but blew it in many ways as well. But, there WAS a “stolen” election, no matter how you couch it, as well…so I can understand Trump’s anger. What I don’t understand is Trump’s disability in regards to never admitting fault or reviewing a decision. His refusal to stop pushing and lauding dangerous meds is crippling his chances, not his childish outbursts. With all that said, I can’t help but sense Jack’s Erick-Erickson disgust with Trump, and if it’s there now it always was. I would posit that is a dangerous position to maintain.

    1. Wes, for the record, I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 and donated to his campaign in both elections. Some Never Trumper.

      The last thing Rush Limbaugh discussed on his show the day before the 2020 election was my NR piece trashing Biden https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/10/biden-never/.

      Regardless, I believe Donald Trump has a share of culpability in his defeat. And then — his rhetoric about the Georgia special elections on January 5 2021 were incredibly harmful to this Republic.

      By the way, here’s Rush to me in an email the weekend before the election:

      “Jack, thanks. This is a really good piece. I am going to cite it Monday, maybe even use it via my Twitter feed. Regardless, I think it is the best piece out there that serves to actually disqualify Biden. It is that powerful and good. The vaccine section, the first-wife death revisit, all of these are things I have failed to recall vividly yet they are the simplest and most direct evidence of who the guy really is. The clincher for me is you successfully placing ol’ Joe right there at the beginning of today’s disastrous partisanship 30+ years ago! Bork and Thomas So many people struggling to figure out when this massive partisan breakdown began…you make the credible case that Biden was right there at the beginning. I will have a fun time bouncing off much of this.”

      All this and $2 will buy you a cup of coffee. By next week it will be $3. Thanks Joe!!!!

    2. Mr. Fowler was the former editor of National Review and occasionally still contributes to the magazine. He and Victor left the magazine after the never Trump dust up. Both men take care to acknowledge opposing views and moderate their on-air positions. Their sober judiciousness should not subject them to an inquisition -that smacks of Bolshivism. Trump is a former president of this democratic republic, not the God Emperor of Dune (or even Christopher Walken).

  2. Carolee Wilson

    The list of things you said Trump should say, he can’t really say until he is in the race. I think you are mistaken about the endorsements. People are tired of the Mitch McConnells of the world & need someone to identify candidates that aren’t just telling us what they think we want to hear to get elected. The RNC is still fighting the move away from Globalism.

  3. thebaron@enter.net

    “We don’t have an opposition party anymore. These people aren’t Democrats, they’re not progressive, they’re hardcore Leftists.”
    But that IS the opposition party, Professor. And progressivism is Leftism. It’s Statist, in that it places the State over the individual. It’s totalitarian, in that it believes the State should penetrate into every sphere of the individual’s life. It believes in using the State to harass and persecute its political opponents. It believes in using violence if necessary to achieve its ends.
    And that makes progressivism/Leftism anti-liberty, and anti-American. It is the antithesis of American conservatism and classical Western liberalism.
    That is the Democrat party today.

  4. Enjoyed it. For the longest time, I hated my ‘bipolarity.’ Then, for some reason, I grew to love and welcome it. Love reigns.

    As I go, so the World goes.

    In sterquiliniis invenitur

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