Envisioning a Better Nation: Musk and Mega-Donors

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Elon Musk’s compensation denied and ideas of a new university, reforming entrenched DEI, financing illegals and fiscal responsibility, mega-donors begin to see the downside to elite universities, and Trump’s case postponed.

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18 thoughts on “Envisioning a Better Nation: Musk and Mega-Donors”

  1. Is there a reason for not putting out the podcast the next day rather than 3-4 days later?
    Jack’s alibis for not being current are getting passe’. If the podcast has any editing, before airing, please eliminate some of Jack’s incoherent rants.

    1. Dear Ed,

      Grzizzle %%$# syzzlemak derfluffernutter busterbrownitudinalism 0%$!:*!! harlongijujjiyfruit bat bat zipppidydooodahhhh.

      Rantingly Yours,

      Alibi Jack

    2. I suspect the reason to tape several days in advance is because of possible, unexpected taping delays. If plan to tape the day before and someone gets the 24 hour flu, you are off schedule. But if you plan to tape several days in advance and someone gets such a flue, there is still time to make it up.
      Another possible reason is scheduling conflicts. People are busy. So tape when you can. That’s my hunch anyway! The delays don’t bother me.

  2. We are so curious about Sami Winc. We cannot find a photo of her anywhere. Would you please post her image? She is WONDERFUL!

  3. Elon Musk is a major jokester. Texas Institute of Technology and Science – T.I.T.S.
    He also said that the school would include Advanced Social Studies – A.S.S.
    Put them together and you get T.I.T.S. & A.S.S.

  4. Really enjoy VDH. Great writing wonderful wit and downright funny at times. In a time of world wide tension his delivery provides logical and calm thought


  5. Victor around 8 min and 20 seconds into this podcast you mentioned the ultimate fate of “Blue” cities — They must reform or ultimately perish (I paraphrase). But you did not mention a third more likely alternative. Forgive me for putting in caps but it deserves to be yelled: BAIL OUT!

    The Dems have done this before when they control the Whitehouse and congress. They put together these huge, huge omnibus bills and they bury in it hundreds of bail out money in it. After all did not Joe Biden sign such a bill early on in his presidency?

    This way the whole country must pay for their wastefulness and corruption. It drives me nuts, and it allows failed policy to continue.

  6. Great stuff! I’d like to add a “doom loop” comment. Since Obama broke the bank with his 10 trillion dollar bonfire budget, most DC politicians have been in a musical (money) chairs frenzy to grab every cent they could and hoping the coming money collapse and Great Depression II would occur after they were safely out of office and living like kings on their estates surrounded by their “Hunger Games” slave peasantry. It appears the “Doom Loop” is an important part of their purposeful cannibalization of the Golden Goose that is Western Civilization. A technical site use comment: Can a slide bar be added to the comments section? I find it quite difficult reviewing or editing my comment before sending as only a few lines are visible and going up or down requires a lot of moving the cursor around in a pot luck manner. Thanks.

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