Ending the Year With Things to Look For and At

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson explains his favorites to cohost Sami Winc: actors, novels, musicians, movies that are not Westerns, websites, and politicians.

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10 thoughts on “Ending the Year With Things to Look For and At”

    1. Pepe Sobreruedas

      She’s not only a poor interviewer who could benefit from taking an interviewing skills course (we all can improve on our shortcomings) but she also suffers from poor diction and poor syntax as well…Victor also lapses into occasional lingual dyslexia but his sharp intellectual prowess (which Winc and her cohort and cohost Jack Fowler likewise lacks) makes us overlook such minor blemish in his case…Nevertheless, get used to putting up with the poor interviewing talent as Victor is big on loyalty, having endured such poor talent for a very long time, without even considering a replacement…What Victor also overlooks, is that it is the rest of us listeners whom have to put up with such annoyance without the loyalty accommodation…

  1. Victor you are the best…always look forward to your insights on this Country viewing FOX and your pod casts with my wife …consummate professional, great knowledge to share and your always spot on!!!!
    Happy New Year to you and your Family…stay healthy….

  2. Hi! How are You? Hope and pray, it is going good. Concerning the music artists of Mr Davis Hanson, lets say that We are at the opposite spectrum, because all the artists He talked about, I can not stand Them, but taste and favorites are subjective, so it is impossible to agree with everything. I could listen to Mr Davis Hanson all day long and would never be tired or bored, He is one excellent man and He is an Historians and Scholar on the verge off extinction, the type of a Person that Mr Davis Hanson is, They are vanishing very fast, the youth in the Conservative movement, most of Them, but not all, are not in the same level has Mr Davis Hanson is, the only one that I can think of, who is very knowledgeable like Mr Davis Hanson is Mr Ben Shapiro, Mr Shapiro as answers to everything like Mr Davis Hanson. When Mr Davis Hanson told about Representative Tom Cotton, He voted for the Omnibus Bill, so do not know what is the comment of Mr Davis Hanson on this, He like Mr Tom Cotton, it is all mixed up there, but maybe Mr Tom Cotton is better than I think. Concerning Mr Edward Woodward, yes He had a a TV series for a couple of years, the TV series was The Equalizer, one of my best TV series, He played like a spy with a vigilante slant and very tough and not a lot of emotions, He was not exactly in the same class, but very close, but He played roles like Michael Cain, They were almost the same style. God Bless All of You and Love You All and be safe, from a Canadian Friend.

  3. thebaron@enter.net

    All right, I can’t take it anymore!
    “Das Boot” is pronounced exactly like “boat” in English, not like “boot”.
    And Prochnow’s first name is pronounced with our English “y” sound, not “j”.
    Sorry, I taught German, and I had to let that out.

    But to the story itself, it’s based on Buchheim’s own experience. He was war correspondent with the German Navy, and he used much of his experiences for the novel. I read it, too, in college (around 1983), after I saw the movie. “Das Boot” is one of those rare examples, for me, where both the novel and the film based on it, are equally enjoyable. Most of the time, a movie falls short of the source.

  4. You spoke about musicians today. Having listened to you for quite some time, I know your intellectual and classical background, I think you would really understand and enjoy Mark Knopfler, who in my opinion is the greatest singer songwriter guitar player of our generation. He continues to write great music into his early 70s. What you would probably enjoy the most is his ability to look at his surroundings and put meld them with song and music and comment on life.

  5. The corruption of California by the big money in silicon valley was foreshadowed by the fate of Detroit under the influence of the auto magnates. These men were wildly successful in transforming the world in the 40 years spanning 1910 to 1950. They deserve much credit for the affluence we now take for granted. However, they were aware of their achievements, and they allowed dogma and personal biases to overcome the empiracism that was the foundation of their wealth and power. They shifted their focus from making product to controlling the marketplace. The list of companies that collapsed under the competition is large. I can recall Studebaker and Packard, both fell in the last rounds of the process. Both played critical roles in WWII, but they were gone by the early 1960s. We see that same consolidation process at work in the digital universe today.

    We can already see signs of decay within the bastions of the silicon valley power. San Francisco and Seattle are little more than cesspools, awash in criminality and unfulfilled dreams of Utopia. Detroit is the mythical destination of these cities whether they know it or not. The extent to which the rest of the country is dragged down with California is going to be determined by whether we can institute a Congress that values its powers and embraces their responsibilities. Absent a republic with distributed power and checks and balances, the process of consolidation will consume us.

  6. Here is a bit of trivia for Dr. Hanson regarding actors he mentioned. The British actor in “Wicker Man” was Edward Woodward, who also possessed a spectacular tenor voice. He recorded LPs of American standards in the 1970s. In 1964 at the start of his career he starred on Broadway in “High Spirits,” the musical version of Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit.” One of the notable dancers in that male ensemble was another young actor mentioned also by Hanson, the 20-year-old Christopher Walken.

  7. I believe Professor Hanson would enjoy this TV special since he mentions both Roy Orbison and Bruce Springsteen as favorites- Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night is a 1988 Cinemax television special originally broadcast on January 3, 1988, starring triple Hall of Fame inductee (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame) rock/pop singer/songwriter Roy Orbison and backing band TCB Band with special guests including Bruce Springsteen, k.d. lang and others. The special was filmed entirely in black and white. After the broadcast the concert was released on VHS and Laserdisc. A live album was released in 1989.

  8. Dr. Hanson & Ms. WInc – This was a very enjoyable segment. In general, I appreciate listening to your discussions, and I find your analysis of current events instructive, especially because you present it through the prism of Dr. Hanson’s vast study and learning. But this episode, you took matters in a different direction – that of modern and popular culture – and it was delightful. Not only did the two of you mention movies and novels I am not familiar with but might investigate, but you delved into your favorite contemporary, popular music. My tastes are somewhat different, but that’s another matter, and not that important. What fascinated me is what you enjoy, and it’s diverting to consider what you were exposed to in your younger years and compare that to my own youthful exposure to popular culture.
    Keep up the good work!

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