Election Rhetoric Storm and California Slippin’ Away

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Joe Lieberman R.I.P., inflation and election rhetoric, California’s exodus, cash economy, water issues, and attitudes of the state’s lawless and immoral.

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5 thoughts on “Election Rhetoric Storm and California Slippin' Away”

  1. Benjamin Franklin said: “we know the worth of water when the well runs dry..”
    I found your overview of the worsening reservoir-influenced water crisis supplying your Central Valley breadbasket superb and refreshingly meaningful. Unfortunately, as you will agree, our politicians are not earth scientists and ill-equipped to look beyond their next election campaign so we never seem to get the value of any long-term vision influencing the adequacy of water policies – especially when it comes to the value of understanding the hydrologic water cycle. This limitation will be especially evident in the southwest over the next 25 years.
    Im a 72 yr. old practicing private consulting hydrogeologist here in the NY tri-state area, living on Long Island where 3 million folks get 100% of their potable water from wells – ie; ground water. Over the past several years, Ive been taking undergrads over to southern Malawi as a Prof. Mentor (Engineers Without Borders) which is experiencing long-term drought to watch the drilling of borehole wells in rural villages without electricity. It is life-changing for most of them to see the villagers rejoice once a water well ‘comes in’. You will agree that our next generation needs to escape the classroom from time-to-time, put down their I-phones, realize the third world out there, and that we even take ice for granted. Loving your podcasts, Victor – please keep it up.

  2. I highly respect your opinions and listen to FOX News daily. I do have some questions and ideas that I would like for you to respond. I live in Fresno County, native Californian, raised in Tulare County and consider myself to be fairly well educated.
    1. Is it true that the President of the Ukraine has a $75 million yacht?
    2. How can we align the policies of the USA with a person who was a stand up comedian before being elected a few years ago?
    3. I would really appreciate an investigation into the State of California demanding payment for ground water and storage thereof. And the use of a drone to determine the fees each property owner must pay. Isn’t this a violation of personal and real property rights as a landowner?

    1. “2. How can we align the policies of the USA with a person who was a stand up comedian before being elected a few years ago?”

      Calling balls and strikes. The fact that Zelenskii was a standup comic has just as much bearing on his qualification for office as Trump’s past as a TV host does on his qualifications. That is, zero or next to zero. And Reagan was an actor. What did that have to do with anything?

      What else has Zelenskii done in his life. You need to consider all of it, not one part.

      I’m not defending him, just challenging your argument, that implies that being a standup comic renders someone incapable of handling other responsibilities.

  3. VDH, I have nothing against Jack Fowler, but I pay for your website to hear your commentary, not Jack’s…..

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