Election Epilogue: Taking Back Civilization

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc for talk about what the Republicans can do with Congress, Newsom’s wrecked state, voting by mail issue, and the fall guy the Democrats seek.

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13 thoughts on “Election Epilogue: Taking Back Civilization”

  1. Dear Professor Hanson:

    For the first time in several years I did not listen to your podcast today, which from the prologue assumed the red wave. I was just too heartbroken, as I had made the same assumption. Although an Ultra Mega MAGA, I blame Donald Trump for our loss.

    I stopped sending money to Mr Trump when I learned he was not forwarding any to his candidates, keeping it, presumably, for his own run in 2024.

    Today, I cancelled my subscription to Trump Tracker and I’m going to withdraw from Truth Social. He interfered with this mid-term election with his presence, hubris and self-centeredness. And now, to make matters even worse, he’s waging war with the one person who seems capable of fixing this mess he made – Ron DeSantis.

    I’m DONE with Donald Trump and my sense is that a lot of fellow Ultra Mega MAGAs are as well.

    Either the kindest regards,

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with Thomas Mika. Unfortunately, even with all the good Trump did, he has the social skills and inclinations of a 12 year old boy. His lack of discipline, name-calling, narcissism, etc. sets up a visceral response in most “civilized” people. His behavior has, in my opinion, given everyone in the country permission to behave horribly, resulting in the divisiveness and hostility we see today. Time for him to take a seat. He cannot be allowed to be the ‘24 candidate!
      Marilyn B.

    2. Thomas, it’s probably a good idea you take a break from politic for a while. Next time someone as exciting as Trump show up as he did back in 2015-16, you can come back and see better results. I honestly thought the results were good. Victor convinced me it could be better. Tucker provided great analysis the day after — and I totally agree! JD Vance and Florida victories were epic. The tides are turning slowly, yet surely. Trump 2024 <– sorry I can't help myself. I swear I am not associated with Trump in anyway, other than, he is my living hero. lol


    3. I completely agree with you, Thomas.

      Trump failed to support his endorsed candidates and they were massively outspent, which contributed to many close races being lost. I’m also flummoxed by his gratuitous cheap shots at Ron DeSantis, callimg him “Ron DeSanctimonious” and implying he had some sort of dirt on him.

      It’s time for Trump to bow out and let a more skillfull and capable man lead the party.

  2. thebaron@enter.net

    Interesting comment about the California college system. I’m reading Thomas Sowell’s “Economic Facts and Fallacies” right now, and I just finished his chapter on higher education. I would call higher education a racket, like an organized crime family. Its purpose is to extort money from both students and their parents, and taxpayers, for the enrichment of faculty members. And those faculty members are a law unto themselves. They’re a mafia, they’re a medieval guild, they’re subject to no law but their own. And so few people realize it, and so many just pay up because they think they must.

  3. Certainly agree with TRM above! I, too, am heartbroken over this election, which should have been a Republican sweep. Mr. Trump caused untold damage to the party and to himself.
    I pray that his coming “Big Announcement” will be that he will NOT run and is leaving politics forever . I am so done with the chaos!

  4. There were many issues beside Trump on the ballot. Did Trump overturn Roe? Did the media backing Fetterman despite his cognitive impairments have anything to do with Trump?
    The media will rip ANY republicans’ candidate to shreds, whether Trump or not. So if you really care or are dissatisfied/angry with what is going on – 1) at the border 2) in our schools 3) at the IRS 4) out of control government bureaucracy etc., there is only a binary choice. Vote Republican.

  5. Joel Berry, Managing Editor of @TheBabylonBee, hit it on the nose: “It’s not Republican messaging. It’s not low-quality candidates. It’s not Trump. It’s not abortion. It’s mass mail-in/drop-box voting. It’s as simple as that. And Republicans will never win another election unless it’s stopped.”

    and Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch: “The law should generally require you to vote in person – after your citizenship and eligibility have been verified and after you show your secure photo ID! And no ballot harvesting!”

    There can be no justice for any of the issues on which you pontificate without election integrity!

  6. Trump was the man we needed in 2016. He exposed the MSM, intelligence agency and congressional dynastic corruption that has been manipulating the populace for decades. It was his imperfect character that made that possible so I cannot fault him for it. However …. now that he has accomplished this, I would love to see him take the role of “Soros of the right,” so to speak, and turn his influence toward local elections and primaries against RINOS.

  7. I wish the results supported my money I donated to support the republicans. The Republicans are lazy and won’t work to the end to get the Independents and the undecided out to vote. My state (NV) turned the election on the culinary union members the last week of the campaign. The Republicans couldn’t or wouldn’t work to the end to get out our vote, ignored the false premise that abortion played in this loss and republicans blame us for picking the weak candidates! I’m changing to Independent and not going to be counted as part of this lazy party.

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