Don’t Mess with Messiahs

Whenever things go wrong, it’s the fault of those obstructionists in Congress.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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3 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with Messiahs”

  1. does obama have no shame? he consistently lies to his constituents–behaves as though he was his imperial highness and has destroyed the united states of america from within. the scotus has finally emerged from it’s rip van winkle slumber and is slapping down his imperial highness. he is running more of a criminal enterprise from the whitehouse than any other president in our history. he took an oath the day he became president–he promised to uphold the sovreignty of the usa.. he was lying–even as the right hand was held up. we are now being over run by illegal alien children.. he has promoted this invasion from the south. he has ordered the release of 37,000 illegal alien criminals into the populace to continue the drug sales, rape, murder, robbery, pimping and kidnapping. yet we know nothing truthful about this man’s background–did he earn his degrees or did a wealthy country or individual purchase the degrees–his health records–his true religion–his homosexuality or is he bisexual? what std’s has he had treatment? he did have a reputation that followed him from jeremiah wright’s church and the chicago political machines of corruption. his drug use–he has an addictive personality and if truth be told–the president is not an intellectual as touted–his grammar is not that of a harvard graduate with a j.d– i doubt his i.q. is even in the 3 digit area–how far under the 3 digits–we are painfully learning and observing as he whines and pities himself publicly. he lies– the house has sent hundreds of pieces of legislation to the senate and reid–obama’s german shepherd just stuffs them in his pockets. obama is so immersed in one party rule ex: communism–that he has deliberately locked out the republican party of congress so he can be the autonomous ruler he envisions himself to be in his little narcissistic mind.

  2. HIS ineptitude?, willful ignorance?, traitorous actions? being on both sides of the brutal ISIS debacle coupled with a looming dollar catastrophe at home makes VDH’s, “scary” 2-yr.’s a much too mild description of our president’s final act. Especially if, as he stated, HIS petulant rancor towards a newly unappreciative media and fall-away followers leads him to accelerate whatever further Cloward-Piven evilnesses he and Jarett have on deck…

  3. buybuydandavis

    “The point is not to find the best way to help ordinary Americans, but to find a way to ram through a progressive economic agenda without much concern over whether it works or makes things worse.”

    Now you’re catching on. The agenda of the Progressive Theocracy is power. Always has been, always will be. “Helping ordinary Americans” is just one of many slogans used as a rationalization for taking that power.

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