Domestic Dystopia

Transgender athletes, China connections, San Francisco recall, African-American unemployment: listen to analysis by Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Jack Fowler. They finish with polls showing the effects of Left dystopia on the electorate.

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1 thought on “Domestic Dystopia”

  1. Vis-a-vis transgenderism, it got its major push starting in 1952 when John Money, a person who was raised by his mother and aunt in rural New Zealand and earned his doctorate in psychology (not biology or medicine) in 1951, convinced Johns Hopkins University in 1952 to let him start a department of ‘pediatric psycho-endocrinology’. He promoted the sex/gender is malleable position and was very successful at it. Found a pair of unfortunate twins in rural Alabama – the Reimer’s and convinced their parents to raise Bruce (who had undeveloped male genitalia) as a female. Then paraded him around TV shows (including The Oprah Winfrey Show). Bruce finally refused to cooperate, tried to live a married life as a male, and eventually committed suicide. Dr. Milton Diamond factually refuted Money’s claims but couldn’t get publications.
    My source for this information is a series of columns written by Tal Bachman that provides very detailed facts in a series of columns that stretch 27 pages in Word. I don’t know the etiquette of referring to another web-site and will rewrite this if necessary, but the whole series is free to the public on Mark Steyn’s web-site. Or one can ‘Google’ Tal Bachman and probably find it that way. I do believe that Money is the prime driver in the insanity that took a philological term, ‘gender’, and turned it into a woke weapon.

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